Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Everyday Miracle

Hi everyone...Debbie here today with 
My Everyday Miracle

Want to share an incident that happened a couple of weeks ago where God really took care of me.
I was driving down the highway going 60mph when my vehicle started shaking really bad.  All of a sudden my steering wheel locked up on me and I lost control.  I ended up going into the ditch, spinning around and finally stopping right before going into the traffic that was coming in the opposite direction.  I should also mention that this happened right after I crossed a bridge that had a big lake underneath.

I was pretty shaken up...but I was thanking the Lord big time!
He kept me safe and I wasn't hurt at all, nor was anyone else.

God is so good and really takes care of us!

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Susan Carol said...

O my goodness, Debbie. What a horrible experience! So glad you are ok. The Lord was certainly looking after you!

Cara G said...

I had a similar experience last winter when I hit a patch of ice on the freeway...I truly believed He kept me safe. Thanks for sharing this Debbie!

Alicia Redshaw said...

The Lord is good to us and I am so glad he took care of you Debbie. Thank you for sharing the Lords wonderful work.

Linda Harvey said...

Thank the Lord for His watch care!

Paula Jennings said...

Praise God for keeping you safe. I have had similar things happen to me too. I am sure you must have been so shaken up. God is SO good.

Giorgia Rossini said...

So glad it is all ok