Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nolene's Product Pick: Mod Melts

Hi, Nolene here with some info on my favourite new find: Mod Melts!

I love being able to make my own embellishments and Mod Melts make it super easy.  These are the products we’re working with.

The mod podge sticks look like glue sticks and they work exactly the same way. They come in white and clear. Insert your mod podge sticks into your glue gun and fill the molds with hot glue, it really is as simple as that. I have to add that it takes some practice and in the beginning you will be throwing a lot of your little embellie babies in the trash. But, as they say, practice makes perfect!

When I first saw the molds I wondered about the size. They are tiny. But after working with them I realised that a glue gun can only heat up a certain amount of glue at a time. The mold has to be filled in one go as the glue dries and sets very quickly. Anything larger will simply not work with a standard sized glue gun.

Wait a few minutes for the podge to cool and remove your designs from the moulds. Don’t worry if the back looks uneven. Simply trim of the excess. Now comes the fun part. Your designs can be painted, inked, misted and embellished any way you want to.

Here are a few tips:

A glue gun with a fine tip works better (for the finer detail).

Wait a minute or two in between designs to allow your glue gun to heat up again.

While squeezing the trigger, push the glue stick from the back to allow smoother exit.

After painting, misting, etc. you might be tempted to dry with a heat tool. This is a BAD idea, as the glue will melt.

Keep your molds in their original packaging (or any other dust proof container) to protect them from dust. This saves you from having to clean them out before every use.  :)
-- Nolene --


Paula Jennings said...

fun info Nolene! I've never seen these. I'll have to watch your pages to see you using them. I used to use my glue gun all the time when I did other crafts but I've been a paper crafter so long I hardly ever pull it out and the last time I did I pulled out my original one (over 20 years old) and it had seen it's better days as it exploded glue out the back all over my hands and wow did that burn!

Nolene Burnett said...

Ouch! That must've hurt. I use my glue gun a lot, especially for adhering flowers to my layouts. It works much better than any other glue I've tried.

Helen Gullett said...

Do you have separate glue gun for glue sticks and melt sticks?

Nolene Burnett said...

I use my old glue gun for the mod melts because it's smaller (the new one takes the larger sticks). But you can use the same glue gun for both.