Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's The Little Things.

Hello everyone, Elizabeth here!!!
Taking a moment of your time to share the little things of my captured life with you today!
These are our puppies. 

I really cannot call all of them that, because 2 of them are 12. But there is one puppy in the mix. However, they have always been my puppies and will forever remain my puppies!
We've had Jake and Kira for the 12 years and very recently brought home Gracie who is now 1 years old. If you follow my blog, you will know that it hasn't been easy bringing Gracie into the mix. After all, 12 years with just 2 dogs made it so their bond was pretty tight. On top of that, Jake's breed does not do well with other dogs. At. All. So you can imagine when we brought Gracie home, how that affected and upheavaled our entire household. In fact, for 2 weeks straight we thought Jake was going to eat Gracie. It went from attack dog to then following her around unmercifully. I mean it was pretty bad. Gracie was stressed, Jake was being very strange, and we were all stressed too. It came to the point where we talked about getting rid of her because of the chaos choosing to bring her home had created. But thankfully after much prayer and about 3 weeks out of know where Jake calmed down. Oh sure he followed her at times, but she began to really understand him and in turn their relationship took a positive twist to today, where they are not only good friends and get along, I think Jake and Gracie kinda dig each other too!

But the whole wonderful thing of it all is that here we are today! Gracie has been with us 3 months now {which at times feels like an eternity, ha!} and sitting with them the other morning snapping their picture just proves how perseverance is a very good thing indeed! They are so cute and have come so far together these 3 months! Although I couldn't get a photo of the 3 of them together, I just decided that having this moment and capturing where we were was good enough! Jake and Gracie get along really well. Kira and Gracie have an understanding and like each other but they don't interact much. And we are one big happy family!

How about you? What has captured you in your everyday moments?

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Jeannine said...

What adorable pictures of your dogs! It sounds like they've been quite a handful but definitely worth it. Thank you for sharing! :)