Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspiration Post

Hi there. Leigh here, popping in to post a little inspiration.

Last month, at our town library's book sale, I found some 2010 issues of Martha Stewart Living for $0.25 each. One of the covers really caught my eye and I thought it would be a perfect inspiration piece:

And here's the layout I made using it:

I love the way the paint colour samples above the couch graduated from green to yellow to orange to red. However, for my topic (forgiveness) I loved the idea of the colours graduating the other way (from red to green), because for me, it represents the anger and hurt (red) turning into peace (green).

Because the colours on the layout were taking centre stage, I decided to create a "card" with my photo on the front and the journaling on the inside. The little clip on the side with the ribbon keeps it closed.

But when you take off the clip, you can read the journaling.

Here's my journaling:

"In May 2011, our Sunday school curriculum’s virtue was forgiveness & I knew that God was going to be speaking to me through these lessons big time. The theme was buckets and how when we don’t forgive, it weighs us down like rock in a bucket.
I wasn’t looking forward to presenting this lesson. You see, I have this person in my life to whom I’m very close, but his person is very critical & negative towards me & often hurts my feelings every day. I’ve struggled with forgiving this person because when I’m pointed out my hurt feelings from his actions, nothing ever changes.
That Sunday morning, in church before R.O.X., we had communion. And while praying before taking the cup, I asked God to help me forgive this person free & clear. I didn’t want to be bitter & upset all the time anymore. I needed to forgive.
Well, the bucket analogy was so perfect because after praying, I felt so light, like a huge burden had been lifted off of me! I was able to share my experience downstairs in R.O.X. testifying how wonderful forgiving someone can make you feel.
It’s been several weeks since then & I’ve felt so much more joy & peace. My attitude towards this person has changed, too. I feel more love & concern for him now, as well as a desire to connect with him. And, as a bonus, I’ve also noticed a change in his attitude towards me lately. He’s been less critical & more loving and we’ve been getting along a lot better.
Isn’t it cool how God works?"

If you decided to use this magazine cover as inspiration for a card or layout, please post a link to your project in the comments section-- I'd love to see what you come up with!


Jeannine said...

Leigh, your layout is beautiful and I love the hidden journaling idea! I'm one of those who loves to journal on my pages so this would be a great idea for me to use. Thank you for the inspiration!

You're right, holding grudges can weigh you down like putting rocks in a bucket. That was a great analogy! I'm glad you were able to forgive this person who's hurt you so much and can see how things have changed in your life for the better as a result.

Thank you for sharing. :)

Roulien said...

What a great analogy to share!! It really is so true, our bodies really feel the "burden" when whe carry so much hurt, anger and pain with us. I'm so glad that you have found the power of forgiveness!!! Great layout . . . the colours are so yummy!!!

Lisa H said...

That is a great inspiration piece Leigh. I love the gradating colors and the layout you made is wonderful. Thanks!

CarrieB said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing the journaling wiht us! The layout is incredible without it but knowing what it says inside makes it all that more beautiful!

Sherri said...

Leigh, this is beautiful. I love the idea of the journalling hidden behind the picture in a card format. Perfect for this layout.

Elizabeth said...

Leigh this is breathtaking! Not only is your journaling heartfelt and beautiful, I love how crisp, clean, and bright your layout is too!

Annika said...

Beautiful layout! And thanks for sharing the journaling! So important to forgive!

I love that inspiration pic too! I think I have to try! =)