Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Everyday Miracle with Cara

Our House-God's House
Just about six years ago, my family (me, my husband and my then 4 year old daughter) felt called to help start a church plant in a nearby town which meant moving, and renting our current home (because the home values were low at the time...definitely not a seller's market). It was a little stressful wondering if we would find good renters (we had never been landlords before) for our sweet, well-maintained home (that we had just invested a bunch of money in new flooring in (new carpets and hardwood floors)). But we trusted that God would provide because we were stepping out in obedience to Him by moving where He was calling us. And He provided big-time!! The nicest Christian family (a friend of a friend) who kept up the house beautifully. BUT then, after only a year of being there, the husband got a new job and they had to move out-of-state.

Once again, I stressed a bit about how God would do this again. We put out "feelers" with our friends, but nothing came of it, and we resorted to an ad on Craigslist. I don't know why I ever doubted that He could do it a second time, because He did (even on Craigslist...another nice Christian family who took good care of the house).  BUT then, about a month ago, after living there for nearly 5 years, last month this family informed us that they were going to buy the house next door and would be moving out in a month. 

"UGH...not again, there's just no way He can do this again!" So once again, I stressed about it quite a bit, thinking it just wasn't possible that we could get a third great Christian family to rent our home (why, oh why do I always doubt that God can do great things for ME?). I see him do great things for others, but often doubt that He would want to do them for me. 

Once again, He proved me wrong. The renter called us and said that she had just met a nice young family at their church (daughter of her good friend) who had been over to the house and loved it and were very interested in renting it. We met with this sweet, young family and it went so well! Especially when I mentioned what a "clean freak" I was and that I really, really wanted to find a family who would take great care of our home, and this sweet young woman says "I am a little "OCD" myself and can't go to bed if things aren't picked up and clean (this is so ME!)---if it would make you feel better you can come over anytime you want and check on your home". That's when I realized ... this isn't my home, this is God's home that He's gifted to us, and He wants it to remain a Christian home (and He even cares to the point of giving me another "neat-freak" to take care of it ;) ). I just had such a peace, and as we talked to this sweet couple who were so down-to-earth and soft-spoken, I just knew that God had yet again found a new family for His home. 

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DebR said...

God is such a faithful, awesome provider!
Thanks for sharing this special story with us Cara.