Tuesday, June 7, 2016

In the Word

Hi I am Helen. Today I would to share a thought on Hebrew 11:1 for In The Word. This verse also the verse for our Scripture Inspiration Challenge.
Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. (Hebrew 11:1, NLT)
We often or maybe always hear people preach on this verse. For me, my faith in Christ Jesus is my every day miracle that God has done and still is doing in my life. And the Bible says that without faith we cannot please our God (Hebrew 11:6). Faith is the confidence we have for what we hope for that will actually happen. Faith gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Faith enables us to please God by believing that He exists.
We have faith in Christ Jesus because of what He had done even we do not see that. It is a past experience that we have hope on what God will be doing in our lives based on what Jesus had done on the that cross. It is the confidence we have based on a past experience that God’s new and fresh surprise and amazing work in our lives will surely be ours.
From the NLT Life Application Study Bible, it says that the beginning point of our faith is believing in God’s character that He is who He says. And the end point is believing in God’s promises that He will do what He says.
We have hope in our faith.
We have hope since the beginning we put our faith in Christ Jesus, we live out our faith and until the end of time we still standing still on our faith. All because of believing in who God is and in His promises.
I pray today that may God bless all of us today to grow in your faith and live by the faith so that we all can walk in obedience to Him and many will know Him through us. May God bless your faith richly in Jesus Christ. Amen


DebR said...

This is really good Helen...thank you for sharing this.
Amen & Amen!

Cara G said...

This is so good and so true Helen! Thanks for sharing!!