Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Everyday Miracle by Linda Harvey Trash or Treasure


While traveling several years ago, we decided to eat lunch in the small Oklahoma town of Sallisaw.  After we finished our meal, we visited the little antique mall that just “happened” to be a few stores down the block.

On a previous anniversary trip, I found an interesting toothpick holder and decided that would be an inexpensive item to collect.  As we walked through the store in Sallisaw, I found a whole shelf of them.  One in particular caught my eye—a lovely blue one and it was only $1.95.

I felt very satisfied with my great buy until I took it out later in the sunlight.  There, running down one side, was a hairline crack.

I thought, “Boy, how dumb!  What will I do with a cracked toothpick holder?”

I placed it on the shelf with my other two and asked God to show me why I had bought this useless  object.  Gradually, He began to speak to my heart.  He said, “Wait a minute, I want to teach you   something.”

He showed me that we were all useless at one time in our lives.  Because we walked in the darkness of the world all of our “hairline cracks” did not show up.  When we compared our lives with the lives of others, “we were not so bad.”  But when we came to the light of Christ, we realized that we were not as perfect as we had seemed.  Suddenly we realized how useless, how unlovely we really were.

Just as I wondered why I had bought a “broken vessel,” God said, “I specialize in broken vessels,  I am the Master Potter...I take the broken castoffs and make them into new vessels.  Out of the brokenness I can make a blessing.  Just let Me work in your life.”

So I accepted my little broken was mine, and God was going to work it out for good.  What seemed to be a mistake, God would use to teach me a lesson.

Now when I look at my “mistake,” it gives assurance that God makes no mistakes.  No matter the  situation, He leads and guides and teaches.  If I did not cherish it, who would have probably ended up in the trash!  If God had not loved me and reached down to save me, I, too, would have been thrown into the trash heap of life!  Just as God sees good in each of us, so I have come to see the good that has come from my little, blue, cracked toothpick holder.


DebR said...

Oh wow Linda...what a lesson here! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Cara G said...

I so love this sweet story Linda...I'm so glad God accepts us and loves us even in our brokenness. Thanks so much for sharing---great job!

Paula Jennings said...

What a beautiful post and such an awesome lesson.

Linda Harvey said...

Thanks so much, ladies...the Lord is good all the time!!!

Karla Yungwirth said...

Thank you for such a moving article!

An'Jenic G. said...

Linda this is such a beautiful lesson. Thank you so much for sharing. I now can recall buy something scared and thought less of it. I have a new found light. Thank You!!!

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Great lesson! Great post!