Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tips, Tricks and Techniques with Cara

I am responsible for arranging crafts for my MomsNext group, and while searching for fun Fall ideas on Pinterest lately, I found this idea and loved it so much, I wanted to share it with you...

(With American Thanksgiving fast approaching, this is the craft that I found to make for our group BUT for those of you in other countries, you could still use it as a decor item to go in your home, it's still such a wonderful idea)

Make a THANKFUL Tree...

It's Easy and Fun (would be great to make with your kiddos too) and a Great Way to Remember to Be Thankful to God for all He Has Blessed You With!!
...AND you can use items you have already.

What you will need
*paper scraps for the leaves
*branches you find in your yard
*a vase or other vessel you already have on hand
*twine or ribbon to tie on leaves
*small hole punch
*markers (to write on your leaves)
*if needed, fill it with small rocks or dry beans to hold it in place
*a leaf punch (or just cut out leaf shapes on your own, 
or use this one I found on Pinterest from the Cranial Hiccups blog)
it looks like this...

Here are three examples of Thankful Trees I found on Pinterest...

(from the Happy Housewife blog)

(from Better Homes and Gardens: bhg blog)

(from Over the Big Moon blog)

*Start by securing your branch(es) in your vase/vessel. You can paint the branch(es) if you want or keep them natural.
*Then cut out (or punch out) your leaves out of paper, or cut out from the template. 
*Punch holes in your leaves and make a hanger with twine or ribbon. 

How to Use your Thankful Tree:
Throughout the month of November, have one person in your family write something or someone  they are thankful for on a leaf each day--take turns. Then on Thanksgiving Day read all the different leaves to your group.
Use your Thankful Tree as a centerpiece and have everyone who attends write a thankful message on a leaf (make sure you have markers there). Then share the responses after the meal. 
 Leave it up (you can adapt it to your own decor) for a fall decor piece.

Just remember to be thankful for all He has blessed you with...
(also, if you haven't already, see Karla's post from a few weeks ago about this)



Karla Yungwirth said...

Love this post Cara! Thanks for your beautiful words and the links to these lovely projects!

DebR said...

These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Paula Jennings said...

Such a wonderful idea! What a great way to have family share what/whom they are thankful for.