Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Happy Wednesday!  

Paula here with our latest miracle...

Our God is SO good! No matter what things are looking like in our circumstances He can turn it all around for us in an instant.

That is how things have been here for me...

I have a really bad living situation. The complex we live in has not had regular maintenace staff in about a year.  Apparently they forget to pay them.  Every appliance in my kitchen other than the refrigerator is broken - many of them for 6 months to a year.  All they care about is harrassing you for extra fees for all sorts of unrealistic things.  There are no outside lights in any of the vestibules in close to 100 apartments on my side of the complex.  

They were threatening us with eviction because I was disputing one of those charges.  

I am disabled and I am raising a teen son whose father died last year. We struggle financially as we are on a fixed income and my work is limited to once or twice a month.  I didn't know how we were going to move or to even find a place because I have credit problems from a disreputable debt consolidation firm I used 2 years ago that ruined my credit score with bad advice.  

The apartment has mold which I am highly allergic to and I have been in the ER twice in the past 3 months.

Pretty grim so far right?

Well, I got boxes not knowing where we would go or how we would pay for a more expensive apartment and to have all the fees you need to get into a new place.  I continued to pray (and am continuing still) to know where God is leading us to. And I continue to pack.

My son came home a few weeks ago during the worst of this and handed me an envelope.

Our loving friends took a collection and in the envlope there was enough cash to help us find somewhere to go as well as to pay the fees they were charging which I am going to have to sue for in small claims court. 

We have not found a new place yet but the harassment has stopped for the most part (although they towed my sons car yesterday for $200) but I have found an agency that helped me with advice on my credit score and contacts of an agency that will help me do that and locate affordable housing. 

I know that all of this is answer to prayer.  My God always listens and always answers...I just need to pay attention as the answers often come in surprising ways. 


Nancy said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Paula!
God is faithful...and so good! Keep looking to Him and He will lead you where He wants you to go!

DebR said...

God is so good and so faithful! He will lead and guide you all the way Paula.
Thank you for sharing this.

Granmargaret said...

Thank you for sharing Sending prayers and hugs.

Cara G said...

This is such a great testimony Paula...I love how God provides in His way...we just need to have faith. I will keep on praying for you for your faith to be strong. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt story!!!