Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In Everything Give Thanks - Heartfelt Inspiration

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Hi....Debbie here.   I had a close friend whom has passed away several years ago who wrote amazing poems that were inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Here name was Helen Johnson.
I maintained her website when she was alive.
The website is still up online...but can no longer be maintained.
Here is her website:  Helen's Poetic Gallery

Are you having a difficult time coping with all of the problems which are overwhelming you?
My friend if you will begin to give thanks to your heavenly Father, He will give to you His peace which passeth all understanding and you will feel His joy lifting you up above all of these problems and all that besets you!  
~In Everything Give Thanks~
In everything we give thanks to the Lord for He it is who gives to us hope;
When our lives are filled with the bonds of suffering and our hearts are heavy and unable to cope.
Then comes our redeemer and our hope of glory and removes the bonds  of our captivity;          
We offer our worship and praise to Him for He is the one who will set us free.
Nothing evil can stand against Him for our God is powerful and He is strong;
Like a shepherd watching over His flock, His eyes are upon us all the day long.
When the evil one tries to come against us he'll search out those who are  helpless and weak;   
But our heavenly Father is near to protect us and gives us His words we must speak.
When we speak His words of life giving substance, the evil one will turn tail and flee;
For they are filled with hope and life and will conquer all fear and bring to us the victory.
Let us lift our voices in worship and praise and glorify His precious name;  
For He has given to us His promises which are there in His word for us to claim!
Our God is always near to us,
not more than a prayer away;
When He hears our cry He
will quickly come and drive all
our worries and fears away.
Just lift your voice in thankful
praise and give glory and honor
to His lovely name;
Then stand fast and in faith
knowing His promises are there
for you to claim.
          ~Helen Johnson~
From time to time I will be sharing more of her Inspirational poems with you.


Paula Jennings said...

beautiful post Debbie! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Maybe you can share a few of these with us over the next few weeks.

Susan Carol said...

Beautiful and so true - giving thanks in all circumstances takes our focus off ourselves and on to HIM. thanks for sharing.