Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tips, Tricks and Techniques with Cara

My LOVE OF WASHI TAPE continues and I was recently hunting down new ideas on "Pinterest". Paper Crafts Connection online recently had their first round of their "Gallery Idol" and the challenge was to use washi tape...there were so many fabulous ideas that I ended up "pinning".  There are so many talented, creative ladies out there in Crafty-Land!!!

It's the 10TH today...so I'm gonna show you my TOP TEN favorite new WASHI TAPE ideas!
(*None of these creations are mine, just ideas I found...I have given credit by name to each project below the photo) 

created by Dana W
*Make cute candles with strips of washi tape, just add the flames!

created by Lalo Ishiki-Kalahele
*Create your own plaid background with different colors of washi tape

created by Archana Bhurke
*Fold washi tape into a circle my creating pleats and use a brad for your center. Finish off with leaves cut from washi tape.

created by Sabrina Avery
*Create a washi background on a piece of card stock, then use a die-cutting machine to cut out shapes  into the background. Layer card stock underneath to show through.

created by Jessica Pascardia
*Make washi waves with layers of washi tape folded over a bit at top

created by Kristie Larsen
*Although she used washi tape under a die cut sunburst, you could get a similar effect by trimming your tape and then creating a sunburst background.

created by Keren Baker
*Put washi tape on vellum, then punch out circles, secure with thread and hang from card to create these free-flowing circle banners.

created by Jax
*Fold washi tape in half & pinch together to make a cute washi bow (add contrasting tape along edge if desired, before pinching) and then roll up some around the middle to finish the bow off. 

created by "Jingle"
*Make a washi bead rainbow. Roll 3-1/2" to 4" strips of tape and then cut rolls in half before adhering to card. 

created by Savannah O'Gwynn
*Create these cute feathers by securing a piece of wire or twine to the middle of your washi tape strip. Cut the tape into a feather shape, then snip the washi from top to bottom on each side to finish up your feather. 

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Lizzyc said...

Love the feathers, thanks for sharing!

Papercrafting Princess said...

Cute and creative projects!

Helen Gullett said...

Which one is my favorite??? ALL OF THEM ARE MY FAVORITES!!!! Cara, these cards are awesome inspirations of using washi!! Can't wait to try making them :)

Paula Jennings said...

what wonderful ideas for washi! I'll have to try them out ASAP!

Patsy Paterno said...

So hard to pick a favorite! But I think the feathers and the punched out circles are my top two! Really great ideas! patsy