Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Everyday Miracle with Leah

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! As most of you know I work in an elementary school as a teacher's aide with special needs children.  I have the privilege of working with some wonderful Christian women.  Every morning before our day starts we share any praise reports and have prayer.  It is a wonderful, amazing way to start the day.  I asked the ladies to share some of their favorite Bible verses with you.  I used the app InstaQuote on my phone to make the images below.  I have used InstaQuote to make an image like the ones below to send to a friend or to print for my Project Life.  It is a great app!  I hope you enjoy this and have a Blessed day!



___  Leah ___

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Cara G said...

Love these verses Leah...all of these are so great! I love God's word!! Thanks for sharing with us!!