Wednesday, May 21, 2014



Hi to you all  
I am going to show you how you can solve a problem 
I love die cut machines and would love the ones that do the larger embossing 
like 12 by 12 size
but can't afford to buy one so this what I do to get larger size of embossing 

Card one 

to create the background I have used my scoring board and scored every 1 cm 

I have cut some hearts out and used a old style of embossing by hand 

I have started to use all of the ones I have you can do a large back ground with them as well 
it is surprising what you have stored and don't use to the full  

here are some more cards I have made 

I have used the score board for the back ground cut out some hearts I have put the hearts that I cut out through a embossing folder 

I have used the score board for the frame 
I have used a embossing folder tor the topper 

I have used a hand embossing board and just moved it around till I got the paper covered 
the topper is a embossing folder 

I have used the scoreboard to do the background and I have used a die cut 

I have found you can use all your old equipment along with some of your new and you don't need to buy any new equipment some thing my lovely husband like the sound of lol

I hope you have enjoyed this idea 
I would love to see what you have done 

thanks for taking the time to look 
happy crafting to you all 


Paula Jennings said...

these were great ideas Rachel. I don't know if I still have my old embossing plates around. I'll have to check. And I never use my scoreboard for anything. I should get it out.

Helen Gullett said...

Love this idea!! I have embossing plates from CTMH but not yet have embossing machine... was wondering what can I do with them :D and here it is! Thanks for sharing Rachel!

Lady Bug Stampers said...

Racheal this is fantastic I have a couple of those embossing pads that I won but never knew what to do with them. How do you emboss them by hand? I love the idea of using the score board and your cards are beautiful.