Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Mixed Media with Nolene

Hi, Nolene here with a quick and easy mixed media tutorial. I have created a layout on watercolour paper. The watercolour paper holds the mediums a lot better than cardstock and doesn't bend as much when it gets wet.

Start off with a collage of book paper (my current favourite base layer). You can immediately start building on top of this layer as you will be using the same medium (I used mod podge) to adhere the next layer. Add ribbon, lace, net, etc. in random areas. This creates awesome, yet subtle texture.

Now start adding colour. I prefer mists as they are so easy to apply and the colours are usually very vibrant. I really tried to move away from my signature colours (pink and teal) in this piece and decided on Enmarc Dazzles in Apricot and Chilli Red, followed by Perfect Pearls in Heirloom Gold.
I also added some Liquitex acrylic ink in magenta, yellow orange and gold, sprayed them with water and allowed the ink to drip down the page.

After this step you need to use patience as the net, ribbon, etc. takes much longer than paper to dry and a heating tool could damage your material. I left my page to dry overnight.

Now start gathering the elements you want to decorate your page with. As most of my flowers are pink, purple and shades of brown/cream, I gathered a few of the natural shades and a lot of white roses. I pulled out the mists I used on my background and created matching flowers.

Now all that is left is to assemble your page. Layer doilies, paper, flowers and washi tape, add your photo and a title, some journaling if you wish... and you're done.

Because I used small flowers I could fit in nice and full clusters.

My title is from a spontaneous song by Kim Walker-Smith during the live recording of I Asked You for Life. I have always loved those words and use it often in my private worship. Use words, scripture or lyrics that mean something to you and share a piece of your heart and soul with those who get to see your work.


Stephanie said...

Gorgeous layouts.

Anna Wolleben said...

Wow Nolene, you rock this layout! So proud, I could get mix media lesson from you face to face! I just regret we did that so rarely...... After this post my fingers are ichy and I want to start now. Well after the weekend, I will show you what I did!

Nolene Burnett said...

Looking forward to seeing what you make. Thanks for your support, my friend.

Cara G said...

This is so pretty Nolene! I find Mixed Media intimidating, but you make it look so easy and so beautiful!