Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Winners!

Wow!     All of the variety in the April entries is so refreshing!  Thank you again for joining in our challenges!
Here are the winners, as voted on by our Design Team:

#17 Jo in Wonderland
jò in wonderland for Paper House Productions

#13 Irma Tirza

#21 Vickie O'Dell

Please e-mail your shipping address to  mrsme6th   at    bellsouth   dot   net, and type "April Winner" in the subject line!   Congratulations!

 And here are the April Top 3, as determined by design team votes:

#9 Jackie

#16  CG

#25 Giselle

A big, big thank you to everyone who entered our April challenges, and we hope to see you again on May 1st!


Monday, April 21, 2014

My Everyday Miracle with Paula

Good Morning Ladies!  Paula here to share an Everyday Miracle with you.  The story starts back in October 2012.  My doctor ran blood work and decided that my thyroid levels were normal and that at nearly 54 years old I should be on the other side of menopause.  She took me off my thyroid medication and my hormones.  This threw my body into a major trauma.  I started suffering major anxiety as well as the symptoms of perimenopause - hot flashes, night sweats etc. as well as still having a regular monthly cycle.  I obviously was not on the other side of menopause by a long shot.  She let me go back on the hormones which helped a bit.  As the weather grew colder and darker my depression set in.  This year it was far worse than normal.  I became afraid to be alone.  A lot of time with prayer and devotions helped pull me out a bit but then other things started to happen.  I was unaware of what had been happening until after I ended up in the hospital.  I was blacking out for significant amounts of time daily.  I was getting lost.  One day I woke up so confused I felt like I remembered my Mom being when the Alzheimer’s got bad.  I could not figure out right from wrong.  I knew I was a Christian but I had to ask if this was a good thing.  We went to the ER.  They did a CT scan - thank God no signs of dementia or early onset Alzheimer’s.  The blood work showed that my thyroid was indeed out of whack and I was put back on my thyroid hormones and advised to consider going into the hospital. At that time I was able to answer 30 of 30 cognitive questions correctly.  I thought 3 or 4 days went by but I have been told it was 2 weeks.  The decline continued.  I was forgetting to eat.  I was no longer able to drive.  I could not answer simple basic questions, did not know where I was going or how to get anywhere. I was told I was talking a lot about my childhood and that I had recently gone to Celebrate Recovery and that some of the testimonies may have stirred up memories of childhood and teen sexual abuse and rape. We opted for the hospital.  I have never been in or out patient for anything.  I was scared but I was more afraid of not finding my way back from this black hole.  Off to the psychiatric hospital we went.

I remember being in the waiting room with my ex-husband and then all the kids coming in to say good bye and give me a hug.  Then I was taken to a room.  The only female bed that night was in geriatrics.   When I was awakened I was brought to yet another unit.  I saw the man that admitted me.  I had told him that I chose that hospital as I wanted to have art therapy.  I told him that I was clean and sober for all those years but that the confusion was driving me crazy.  He told me that he felt that they had assigned me incorrectly but that he was going to make sure I got to the unit that would be best for me.  I was moved to a unit called 'Recovery'.  I remember very little of my first week there.  What I did know was that in my head I knew my full name but that when someone said my name I did not recognize it.  I did not know the date.  I have since seen papers that I completed during that first week and I wrote the date as 1916 (the year my Mom was born).  I also filled out one and dated it 3/13/1313.  Every day we completed forms about how we were feeling (depressed, anxiety, suicidal etc).  It asked if there was anything that we felt should be added or that they could do to help with our treatment.  I remember writing give me B12 shots and please listen to me.  The next clear memory I have is standing in the med line and everyone was talking about when they came in, how long they were there, when they were being discharged etc.  I realized that I had been there over a week.  I still did not recognize my name.  I continued to ask for B12 shots.  I did not get any.  Eventually with all the therapy, eating 3 good meals a day plus snacks and going to bed at 10 pm I started to improve.  I was in-patient for 16 days and released to start the out-patient program.  At this point I knew who I was, the correct date and all my necessary information but still did not have my sense of direction back and had trouble driving out of my neighborhood.  

The first thing I did when I got home was to research B12 deficiency.  Back in the 1980's I had been diagnosed with pernicious anemia.  About 10 years ago the insurance carrier stopped covering my treatment and I stopped treating for it.  The ER or the psych hospital would not do anything about my requests to be checked or for B12 shots.  Only God could have told me to write THAT on my forms when I could not even recognize my own name.  I discovered that not only does pernicious anemia need to be treated for life but that B12 deficiency causes any number of mental and physical debilitating diseases - many more than even what I had experienced.  I found a You Tube video about this condition which I would recommend to anyone with any sort of mental or physical debilitating disease.  

As I watched it the tears were streaming out of my eyes.  I knew that God had led me to the answer to what had caused this most terrifying period of my life.  I had a doctor’s appointment that day.  I didn't know what time and had gone at 10am.  The appointment was not until 2pm.  I came home and that was when I found that video.  I went back at 2 and insisted on testing.  When the results were in, my B12 levels were significantly low and I started shots.  I have been on my road to recovery for a year now which included the need to see a neurologist, a psychiatrist, a hematologist and more to see what type of damage can be reversed and what residual damage may remain so that I can learn to live with whatever I need to in the best possible way.  But all in all without listening for the voice of God I would not have gotten my answer and found a way out of that deep dark black hole.

Tips, Tricks and Techniques- Heat Embossed Resist

Hi all!  It is Jessica here today to share a technique to get you using those stamps and spray inks!

Start by selecting a background stamp or a stamp you can use repeatedly to create a background. Stamp your image(s) on watercolor paper with VersaMark or other embossing ink.  Pour clear embossing powder over your images before the ink dries.  Shake off excess and heat with heat gun.  If you look carefully at the photo below, you can see my butterflies and other insects on the paper.

Next put some ink on a craft mat (or a plastic bag as I did here).  Rub your paper, face down, in the ink, making sure you cover the entire paper.

If you would like to add some more color(s) spray on any other colors.

Once you have enough color, give your paper a couple of spritzes of water, especially on the embossing to wash any ink off of the embossing.  Allow to dry.

When your paper is dry, you can use it for a project.  I used mine, with this month's card sketch to make a birthday card.  

I accidentally cut an extra butterfly when I was making the one for the front of the card, so I covered it with Stickles and added it to the inside. ;)

I hope you enjoy this technique!  If you try, please link up your projects so we can check them out!  Make sure you check out the 3 challenges we have going on NOW!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Guest Designer ~ Tracey Sabella

We are delighted to introduce our
April Guest Designer,

I reside in northeast Ohio with my amazing husband, Gary. Our family has always been an important part of our lives. We have been blessed with four wonderful children, and with two weddings in as many years, our family is growing. I home educated for 19 years; however, our children have now moved on to working, marriage, and college. As much as I enjoy family and papercrafting, my first love is our Lord, and this faith is often reflected in my work.  

I'm a shabby chic, mixed media artist and enjoy the creative outlet of paper crafting. I’ve been creating and crafting for as long as I can remember and employ many of those skills on my projects. I adore learning new techniques along the way and enjoy sharing my projects along with tips and techniques on my blog. I design for Donna Salazar Designs, Once Upon A…Sketch, Helmar and Leaky Shed Studio. I'd be delighted for you to stop by my blog, Garden of Grace.

I'm so delighted to be joining Scrapping Everyday Miracles once again this month as a guest designer. I've used the delightful April Layout Sketch and all three of the April Challenge Theme words: Faith, Hope, and Love. 

In this wedding photo of Elizabeth and Andrew, they are looking to the future with Faith Hope and Love. I pray that they will have many happy years together with the Lord at the center of their marriage and home. 

"Faith . . . Hope . . . Love"

I flipped the sketch as shown.

Please stop by my blog, Garden of Grace, for close-ups and details.

~ Blessings ~

Here are some more of her lovely creations.

Two more projects that both fit this month's love theme.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 2014 Challenges

Welcome to APRIL!
Challenge #1:  The Theme Challenge
We hope our monthly theme, layout, and card challenges will help you meet your goals while encouraging you to see the daily miracles all around you!

Choose 1 or more:  Faith, Hope, Love
These foundations of the walk as a Christian come from God's Holy Word in 1 Corinthians 13:13.
Bible Verse Inspiration: We hope you will use these Scriptures to inspire your projects!
  • Hebrews 11:1  "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."
  • Romans 15:13  "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope."
  • 1 Corinthians 16:14  "Let all that you do be done in love."
You may enter any type of papercrafted project that fits the theme of "Faith, Hope, Love," or any combination of these!  You may enter a layout, card, tag, wall hanging, canvas, gift packaging, etc.. - as long as it uses paper as one of it's materials! 
Here is a project a Design Team member created to celebrate faith, hope and love!
Challenge #2:  The Card Sketch
Beginning in January, we have featured card sketches that we hope have offered some variety for you to work with!  This month again we feature a sketch from Pagemaps!




Challenge #3 The Layout Sketch
 Beginning in January with a sketch featuring 4 photo spots, we have featured a sketch each month with a decreasing number of featured photos on each sketch! And now we come to April and a 1 photo feature!  This sketch was supplied by Pagemaps!



I am amazed at the talent and variety of styles in our Design Team, aren't you?  Visit their blogs and check out more of their work!

Below you will see the 3 prizes our Design Team has provided this month!

   Prize #1:

Prize #2:

Prize #3:

Challenge Rules:
You may create and enter separate projects for the theme, layout sketch, and card sketch challenges, or you may combine the theme with the sketches.  You may enter as many unique projects as you wish, as long as they meet the challenge criteria.  You may combine these challenges with as many other challenges as you like.  ***You MUST mention this challenge, Scrapping Everyday Miracles, and LINK back to our blog, in order to be eligible for a prize or badge honors. We encourage you to use one of the Bible verses in your project and become a follower of our blog! No backlinking - new projects only!  Link your projects in the linky tool on the top right of the page!

---  We can't wait to visit your blogs and see what you create!  ---

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Mixed Media with Nolene

Hi, Nolene here with a quick and easy mixed media tutorial. I have created a layout on watercolour paper. The watercolour paper holds the mediums a lot better than cardstock and doesn't bend as much when it gets wet.

Start off with a collage of book paper (my current favourite base layer). You can immediately start building on top of this layer as you will be using the same medium (I used mod podge) to adhere the next layer. Add ribbon, lace, net, etc. in random areas. This creates awesome, yet subtle texture.

Now start adding colour. I prefer mists as they are so easy to apply and the colours are usually very vibrant. I really tried to move away from my signature colours (pink and teal) in this piece and decided on Enmarc Dazzles in Apricot and Chilli Red, followed by Perfect Pearls in Heirloom Gold.
I also added some Liquitex acrylic ink in magenta, yellow orange and gold, sprayed them with water and allowed the ink to drip down the page.

After this step you need to use patience as the net, ribbon, etc. takes much longer than paper to dry and a heating tool could damage your material. I left my page to dry overnight.

Now start gathering the elements you want to decorate your page with. As most of my flowers are pink, purple and shades of brown/cream, I gathered a few of the natural shades and a lot of white roses. I pulled out the mists I used on my background and created matching flowers.

Now all that is left is to assemble your page. Layer doilies, paper, flowers and washi tape, add your photo and a title, some journaling if you wish... and you're done.

Because I used small flowers I could fit in nice and full clusters.

My title is from a spontaneous song by Kim Walker-Smith during the live recording of I Asked You for Life. I have always loved those words and use it often in my private worship. Use words, scripture or lyrics that mean something to you and share a piece of your heart and soul with those who get to see your work.