Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mixed Media Tuesday

Hey everyone!
It's Christy here 
and on this first Tuesday of a New Year I have another mixed media tutorial for you.
Today I am inspired by the nasty cold and snow that has gripped most of the United States.
Record breaking cold and snowfall is keeping many of us inside…
perfect time to play with some crafting supplies.
I want to show you a fun and easy way to incorporate Modeling Paste into your projects.
I am making a tag but this technique can be used on whatever you desire, from tags to cards, canvases to scrapbook pages, it has no boundaries.


Modeling Paste
Palette knife
Glimmer mist
Ink in a complimentary color
Grey Solvent ink
Script stamp
Snowflake stencil
Heat Gun
Gesso (If desired)

Start with the modeling paste, stencil, tag and palette knife.

Note: I covered the front and back of the tag with a layer of gesso ahead of time. Doing so will keep the tag from curling as you add the paste and mist.

Place the stencil on the tag and spread a thin even layer of paste with the knife over and through the stencil.

Lift the stencil and set the tag to dry. (DO NOT use a heat gun. It will bubble and crack the paste.) Immediately clean your stencil and the palette knife.

 Once the modeling paste is dry, heavily mist the tag. The mist will settle in and around the raised images created with the paste and give different levels of color. Let it dry completely. Now that the paste is dry, you can use a heat gun.

 Ink a script stamp with solvent ink (solvent ink is perfect for modeling paste and mist as it dries immediately with no smudging or smearing). Randomly stamp across the tag. With the raised images, you'll only get bits and pieces of the stamped image which is fine as it will add some pattern and more texture. Repeat across the tag.

Take a complementary ink color and lightly rub it across the tag in random spots and along the edges.

I finished my tag with letters covered with ink,  silver acrylic paint,  and glitter.
Paper snowflakes in a complementary color were also added as embellishments.

Thanks for joining me. 
I hope that I have inspired you to pull out some supplies and play today…
Keep warm everyone!
Don' forget about the 3 challenges we have going right now!  


Lynn said...

Love this idea. Might have a go!

Lynn said...

Love this idea. Might have a go!

ShersL84bed said...

oh this is beautiful. Would love to give it a try.

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Christy this is beautiful. I really need to give molding paste a try. Awesome job.

blsd2scrp said...

this is so awesome Christy! I have the snowflake stencil and am gonna try this out!! thanks for the inspiration!

Christy Butters said...

If you try it out please make sure to share. I love seeing how others put their spin on what I share <3 .

Nolene Burnett said...

Thanks, Christy. I actually bought molding paste yesterday for a different project. I'll have to give this a try.

Rita T said...

Have never tried this - normally avoid anything that looks hard or messy. Appreciate you breaking it down into simple steps. Might have to see if I can find some modelling paste and give this a go.

DebR said...

This is so cool.....
I've never tried this - just might have to :-)

Lisa H said...

great tag!!

Helen Gullett said...

Thanks for sharing the tutorial, Christy! Mix-media is one of the things on my list what to learn next :)

Paula Jennings said...

beautiful tag Christy! I often just use an old credit card both for my gesso application and my modelinbg paste - in fact, I usually use Dry Dex spackle as modeling paste. It goes on pink and you know when it's dry as it turns white. I find that really helpful as I tend to get impatient and try to do things too soon!