Sunday, September 29, 2013

Trust in the Lord

It's Tracey here with the September Praise Post. 

I am grateful and thankful that our Lord is always there for me. He has given me peace to embrace the life changes I've experienced over the past several years. 

Just a few short years ago I fully embraced and enjoyed home educating our children. What a blessing to have the privilege of helping our children learn in the environment of a Christian world view. After 19 years of home educating, the decision was made for our youngest to complete her final two years at our local public school. The difficult part of this for me is that I was not involved in the decision making process and found out in a conversation with a neighbor. As difficult as this was for me, the Lord was there to carry me through with a spirit of acceptance rather than the bitterness that tried to creep in. 

This spring Gary and I became empty nesters when our youngest moved in with her sister to be closer to her work upon her graduation. She is now staying there as she begins college. I'm grateful that each of our children has a personal relationship with our Lord, but oh what a contrast our quiet home is to the previous hustle and bustle of four children and their friends coming and going. 

I'm also thankful that our Lord has given me the opportunity to express my creativity through scrapbooking and paper crafting. I pray that my love for our Lord will be transparent and that I can share His good news through my work, life, and testimony.


Kim said...
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Kim said...

Tracey, my husband and I became empty nesters in May of 2012 so I can totally relate. Aaron wanted to return to his hometown and finish high school there so he moved in with our oldest daughter. It's definitely an adjustment!

Like you, I've learned to embrace the quiet. My papercrafting has increased and I use that time to get closer to the Lord. I hope that people that see my creations feel God's love.

God Bless You, my friend.

Nancy said...

Beautiful post, Tracey! Thank you! :o)

Tracey Gregory said...

Tracey, you are so blessed to have those homeschooling years! My empty nest is in its first installment (2 gone,2 to go) and I am slowly learning to adjust to a new normal. Great post!