Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mixed Media Thursday

Hey Everyone
It's Christy again with another Mixed Media Thursday.

Do you ever think mixed media isn't for you? Maybe you are a card maker or scrapbooker and figure mixed media techniques don't work for what you do.
Or that you need to go out and buy all new supplies to enter the mixed media world.

Well today I'm here to show you how YOU can make a mixed media card using supplies you all ready have on hand (and maybe a quick trip into the kitchen for the last one).

This is the finished card.
Doesn't look to hard, right, and with the extra materials gives it a ton of texture.

Patterned paper, cheesecloth, gel medium, solvent ink, tissue or sewing pattern paper, book text (or more patterned paper), card base, and a background stamp

1:Place a piece of patterned paper onto your card stock base
2: Using Gel Medium place a piece of the cheesecloth into the center of the card.

3:Tear a piece of book text (or patterned paper), ink the edges and layer over your cheesecloth, making sure some still poles out.

4: Using the background stamp and solvent ink stamp across the tissue paper.
Cut out a heart shape from it.

5:Using Gel Medium adhere the heart over all the layers. Outline with a charcoal pencil & smudge. Add your sentiment

And you are DONE!
How easy was that.

Incorporating mixed media techniques into projects like cards adds a fun new element.
Enjoy creating!


Caroleanne Wright said...

love this its brilliant.

Lisa H said...

way cool!! I have been trying some mixed media and it is FUN!

Le petit monde de Louison said...

Very beautiful!!

Tracey Sabella said...

Fabulous technique!! Thanks for sharing! ~ Blessings

Cara G said...

This is so awesome Christy--you are amazingly talented!!

Paula Jennings said...

beautiful Christy!

Sandie Edwards said...

Totally love this, so precious!!!