Monday, August 26, 2013

It Is All God

We just came home from our 18 days trip to Texas and Oklahoma few days ago. It was SUPER HOT there! (There I said it!) But we survived :)

I took this picture on the way back from Oklahoma when we crossed the border between Oklahoma and Texas. It was sunset and so gorgeous. That moment truly reminds me of our God and what He has done from the the beginning of we were planning for this trip 2 months ago until the day we went back home.

God is faithful.
God is gracious.
God is God.

I praise God for every single thing that happened in our trip. He made it happened. He made if fruitful. He gets the credit and praise.

First, we were planning for a long road trip, but a week before we left, God provided just enough credit card points for us to buy the round trip tickets through a couple from our church family.

Second, we were planning to rent a car for 2 weeks were there but God provided a free car for us to use from the first day until the last day we were there through my cousin.

Third, God has his own plan. Unexpected thing happened while we were staying with my cousin. His brother (my other cousin) passed away suddenly in Indonesia. He had to go back home right then. God provided the tickets for him in 6 hours! It was a big long holiday in Indonesia at that time, Ied Mubarak (Muslim Holiday), one of the big holiday when you cannot get any tickets for traveling because they are sold out a month before. So that was a miracle God made for him to get the tickets on that holiday to go back to his hometown to be with his parents and his family for the funeral.

Fourth, God opened so many opportunities for us to share with people the desire to serve Him as missionaries in Southeast Asia at couple churches (we didn't plan this, God led us through our friends!).

Fifth, God led us to meet with people who have hearts for mission works in Southeast Asia and showed to them the needs of His Gospel among the people. God opened and touched their hearts to pray for those people.

Sixth, God used our friends and families to help our daughters felt comfortable and enjoyed the trip. Thought they missed home and all people back home (my 4 year old girl kept talking and asking about them), but they had the fun and joy to meet new friends.

Seventh, God blessed us with good health and joy.

My can go on with my praise list but this post will be super long! :D

The living God we worship, will work everything out in and through your lives according to His will and glory, He never leave you nor forsake you. Wait for him in prayers. I am SO THANKFUL for every single person He brings into our lives to pray with and for us. 

This is my praise to God!

You can share your praise with us at comment :) He is worthy of our praise!


Tracey Sabella said...

Thank you, Helen, for sharing God's abundant blessings you experienced during your trip!! They are always there and we are so blessed indeed when we take the time to recognize and thank our Lord for them. ~ Blessings, Tracey

Paula Jennings said...

So thankful for the many blessings God gave you on your trip and that you are now home safe. And that sunset is gorgeous!

Christy Butters said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Hugs!

Cara G said...

Love this Helen...thanks so much for sharing with us...what a great testimony to God's provision and faithfulness!

Helen Gullett said...

Amen, Tracey! Amen! God is just so good to all of us!

Helen Gullett said...

Praise God, Paula! We are overwhelmed by God's goodness!

Helen Gullett said...

You're welcome, Christy! Praying that God bless you!

Helen Gullett said...

Praise God, Cara! He is good and gracious to all of us! Yes He is so faithful!