Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Praise Post

Good evening, or morning (depending where you are in the world). It's Toni here, sitting in cold, wintery Australia.

As many of you may have noticed I have been absent lately, with some personal issues happening in my life at the moment, a lot of my Design Team (DT) commitments have taken a back seat lately. I do very much apologize to you and to the other SEM DT members for letting you down!

This leads exactly straight to my Praise Post topic for this month. Today, I would like to Praise my other SEM DT ladies. Truly, amazingly beautiful souled crafters that have been so open and understanding about my circumstances as of late.

They have picked up my slack and helped me to put some of the pieces in my life back together by lending me their shoulders to lean on when needed and giving me great advice too.

Also, I want to look above and thank the good Lord for noticing the tough time I was going to have ahead and providing me early with such a great strong base in these ladies when I was asked to join this great DT family.

I'm sure that some of them will be a little shy about me being so truthful and praising them, but this is very much deserved. I can't say enough Thank You's to them for their support.

Along with the Lord providing me with this team, I have felt Him pick me up and carry me over the sand when I needed. He has also guided me with choices and forgiven me by correcting any mistakes I've made within the last couple of months. I have never felt his presence more than I have now.

With saying this, I would also like to acknowledge that today should have been the 61st Birthday of my late Step-Father... Gerrad wasn't only my "step-father", he was my Dad. He loved introducing me as his Daughter and was my Best Friend. We did everything together, just like Dad & Daughters do.  The BEST man that I have even known! To say that I actually feel bad for all the people that didn't know him would be understatement!

As I was only 13 when God called him home 12 years ago, this is something that impacted me quite harshly and my relationship with the Lord was a mess. It has taken time...... A LOT of time for me to rebuild this relationship and to be honest, it is still building. Feeling His support as of late, has certainly made me realize how much I need the Lord in my life and soul.

Ok, I'm sure you don't want to read anymore of my worries, so I would like to finish off this post by saying another BIG  "Thank you" to YOU, to my SEM family, to the good Lord and to my Guardian Angel - Gerrad... Thank you!

And I promise to be back to producing the Clean & Simple inspirational layouts that I'm known for soon! ---- Toni  xoxo


Cara G said...

Praising God that you're back with us and things are looking UP for you Miss Toni...we've missed you around here <3

Kim said...

Toni, I'm so thankful that God has brought you back to us!! I completely understand what you mean about your dad. My step-dad, Adam, was the same way that Gerrad was with you. I really miss our fishing trips and dancing the polka with my dad.

God Bless you now and always, Toni.

Lisa H said...

Big hugs for you Toni! You haven't let us down. You are taking care of what needs taking care of. =) I am glad that things are going better now.

Paula Jennings said...

Beautiful post Toni. Glad things are starting to look up. This has been a trying year for me too but the Lord (and all the prayers from these great ladies) have seen me through so much. I can totally relate to losing a wonderful step-father. The anniversary of the death of mine was 7/16 so he has been in my thoughts as well. He was the first person I was close to that had died as I was born so late in life everyone had died before I was born. I was 21 when he passed. I still miss him. And, it is his family that are supportive of me and my children now rather than my blood family so in many ways his goodness just keeps on giving.

Tracey Sabella said...

Such a beautiful and heartfelt post, Toni. It is a privilege to lift you up to our Father. ~ Blessings