Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mixed Media Thursday!

Hey everyone, it's Christy again 
with another Mixed Media Thursday to share with you.

Today is July 4th and in the US it's the day we celebrate to birth of our country.
Family get togethers, cookouts, parades and of course fireworks.

Stars are seen all over as decorations.
Today I am going to show you how to make some neat stars for your scrapbook layouts and cards using METAL FOIL TAPE.
We'll emboss our stars for texture and color them using either acrylic paint or alcohol inks.

These go together super easy and make really fun embellishments for whatever you plan on doing.
You need:
Metal Foil Tape (found in most home repair stores over by the water heaters & such)
The tape has a paper backing which peels right off
cardstock (you'll cover it up so use a scrap)
Embossing folders & machine
Black Acrylic paint & Paper towel
Alcohol ink & applicator
Chipboard (to make 3d stars)

This is what the tape looks like. It last a LONG time and usually retails for under $10.
If you can't find the tape go ahead and try this technique with aluminum foil.

Cover your cardstock piece with the tape (see the paper backings I peeled off)
I also aded overlapping pieces here and there just cause I like how it looks.

Take a bone folder or use your finger and carefully burnish the tape securely to the card stock.

Cut the cardtsock to fit your embossing folder.
Run it through your machine.

3 pieces I did with 2 different folders.

For this technique take a little dab of black acrylic paint and squirt it onto the tape.

Take a paper towel and rub the paint in. You actually will remove most of the paint and that is okay.

Acrylic paint and second embossed design.

Let the paint dry and free form cut stars out. (you can draw the stars on the back of the cardstock if you need lines to cut on)

Just a closeup of the stars.

and on to the Alcohol Ink

Another way to color the stars is with Alcohol Ink. Here is another card stock, tape, embossed piece.

First I colored it with Wild Plum.

Then went over with Gold Mixative & blender solution.
You can lightly sand the embossed image to remove some of the color.

and here you go. 

Now I showed you ow to make flat stars but maybe you are wanting more dimension on you project.
Take some chipboard (lucky I had these old button stars)

And cover with the metal foil tape.

You can wrap the edges around the back to make covering easier. 
Burnish the tape down and emboss.
I colored them the exact same way I colored the card stock pieces.

3 Dimensional stars for my next project.

No matter where you are I hope you are with family and friends.

Thanks for joining me today for another Mixed Media Thursday!


Deanne Clarke-Saunders said...

So cool!!! Thanks!!

Susan Strawser said...

WOW. Love this. I've seen the tape and almost bought it but didn't want to spend $8 or just to see if it would work. I'm so going to buy it now. I love this technique and can see using it in a lot of different ways.

Thanks for sharing and Happy 4th to everyone!

IrinaR said...


Lolô Artesanato said...

super cool!
tks for share

Roberta: Mother of 3 said...

These are amazing and so versatile! You could do any shape in the metallic foil tape! (We use this often in the Heating & Air business!) I can't wait to get some scraps from hubby and give it a try!!! Thank you!

Tracey Sabella said...

This is way cool!! Thanks for sharing. I need to get out my foil tape and use it more. ~ Blessings, Tracey

Sandy Ang said...

what a cool idea. tfs