Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's So Cool I Have to Share....Pinterest-Inspired (Yet Again)!!

Hi everyone...Cara here today to share some Pinterest-inspired craftiness for your next project!!

I love pinning ideas to my Pinterest of these ideas I pinned about 2 months ago (and was saving to share) and the other I just recently found.

The first idea I want to share is these adorable twine flowers...

Our own Tracey Sabella has an awesome tutorial on her blog (love the way she layers them in different ways!!)...check it out here...Tracey's Blog. Another design team member, Toni, loved this exact Pinterest idea so much she shared it on the SEM Chit-Chat page even though you may have already seen it, I wanted to share it again since it's so cool! Can't wait to find time to try it myself (since I love bright colors, I'm going to try it with some fun bright baker's twine).

My second idea (the one I just recently found) are these awesome paper feathers....
They are from Lia Griffith's "Handcraft Your Life" blog. You can see her post here...Lia's Blog.
She has a printable feather template that makes it really simple. Aren't they fabulous?

Let me know what you think? What's YOUR favorite Pinterest idea? Share it in the comments here!

Have a blessed day! -Cara

Monday, May 27, 2013

Praise Post...

Hi there, it's Christy and it's my turn for a praise post.

Today I want to share with you an experience I had last summer as the family flew to Italy.
We are huge travelers. My girls are lucky that in their lives they have already be to 12 countries.
That being said I HATE TO FLY, I mean I really really really hate it.
Days before we are to leave I start getting anxious, it's all I can think about.
I stop sleeping, and I worry all the time.
Usually from the moment we take off until we touch down I have the armrest in a death grip. The rest of the family is sound asleep but not me.

Anyway for my eldest daughter's graduation present last year we all went to Italy.
We were traveling to Rome and the Vatican City. The holiest of holiest places we could visit.
The flight was to be a bit shorter than some of the others we had taken but as we boarded the plane they were already warning us of strong turbulence we would have to fly through.

The family settled in, we ate dinner and promptly everyone (BUT ME) fell asleep, the plan was to hit the ground running once we got there. 
We needed to rest up.
We got up by Nova Scotia and it started.
First some ups and downs, then side to side.
I have my chair in a death grip (my husband is snoring away).
Then it really started rocking and rolling. Flight attendants told to buckle up, by now even the heaviest of sleepers are awake.
I seriously wanted to start screaming out loud.

My at the time 5 year old grabbed my hand and we began to pray....
I always tell my girls that even when I am not there watching them that the Angels are.
We read from 

                                                                    Psalm 91:11

                        For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

A calm came over me.
I realized that we are being watched and guided. God was with us even as we rode up and down.

Eventually the turbulence ended as the sun rose over Europe.
We looked out the windows onto Italy wondering at the beauty of what we saw, and the presence of God was all around us.
He guided us safely through the night.

Our first night we rode into Vatican City and looked up St. Peter's Basilica. To the right we saw the Pope's chambers, the windows lit up indicating her was home.
We said a prayer of gratitude at the fence.

The next morning we went back to Vatican City and actually entered the Basilica.
It was truly awe inspiring. You could feel the power of prayer going all around you.
An all encompassing sense of Peace flowed over.

The turbulence was meant to remind that even in troubled times God is with us.
Letting go and allowing Him to take the lead, even in scary times when you feel out of control.

He is there, He is watching, AND He is always with you.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Lily Tutorial

Tracey G. here and today I'm going to show you how to make a pretty spring lily like the ones used on my layout below:

Give it a try!

Monday, May 20, 2013

May Sketch Challenge

It's the third Monday, and Helen G. is here with the May Sketch Challenge! We're so excited to celebrate National Scrapbooking Month with you and we're gonna have fun creating… we have a LAYOUT SKETCH and a CARD SKETCH for you to choose from---you pick what you want to create. You can do both of sketches, or just one. You will get 1 entry in the PRIZE drawing for each sketch you complete.

The SCRAP TWIST that needs to be included on your project is CIRCLE ELEMENTS, for example flowers, doilies, circles, etc.

Here are both sketches:

Here's my layout:

Here's my card:

Here are the Design Team's Projects!!
(don't forget to hover your mouse over the photo to see what each gal has to say about the project) 

Layouts from our Guest Designer, Colleen Proctor:

There's also time to get another chance to win... by completing this month's Main Challenge #28.

The winner will be chosen by and is eligible for our great monthly prize from

Blog... BlueMoon Blog
Face Book... BlueMoon Facebook 
You Tube... BlueMoon You Tube
Pinterest... BlueMoon Pinterest
Instagram... bluemoonscrapbooking

Lisa and Scott have generously provided two $20 gift certificates. You can win one of these fabulous gift certificates by linking your project(s) to one of our May challenges. 

NOTE: **You may submit the project you create for Scrapping Everyday Miracles  to other challenge blogs but your project must be mainly created for the Scrapping Everyday Miracles challenge in order to win the sponsor prize and/or be one of the Top 3**

All Sketch entries must be linked HERE by May 31st, 11:59pm PST.

*Important: Make sure your link is to the blog post with your project & not just your entire blog in general...and be sure to remember the SCRAP TWIST!

I cannot wait to see all your layouts and cards and have a wonderful creating everyday miracles!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heartfelt Post

Hello, Jessica here!  A week ago my husband and I attended the play "Mercy Unrelenting" at a local theater.  The play is based on the events leading up to the murder of the Italian teenager, Maria Goretti.  I knew the basics of her story going into the play and knew that this was going to be an intense show.  This show was fantastic!  I went through the full range of emotions from convicted and hopeless to joyful and hopeful at the end.

This play bounces between three time periods; 1902, when Alessandro Serenelli and Maria met and the events leading up to and including her death, Alessandro's time in prison, and many years later in the monastery where he completed his days.  The beginning of the play sets up some of Alessandro's history and attempts to explain how he reached the point where he decided to murder Maria.  He had a rough childhood and made some bad decisions through his teenage years which led to a lifestyle in which he didn't see other human beings as worthy of respect.  This troubled me as I have really struggled lately with being the mother I want to be.  I struggle a lot with anger and impatience and worry that I will somehow "screw up" up my kids.  This also made me think about the book "Rediscover Catholicism" which I have been reading recently.  One of the things the author, Matthew Kelly, talks about is the importance of habits in establishing the person. Habits create the person, which is why they are so hard to change.

As the play went on, Maria died, and then she appeared to Alessandro in prison.  This was the turning point for Alessandro and he began to live a constructive life.  He completed his sentence and, upon release, he went to live in a Capuchin monastery.  He returned to Maria's mother and asked for her forgiveness.  She forgave him and they maintained contact.  His conversion was so dramatic, it made me realize that I, too, can change what I am doing in my life.

The final scene of the play was Maria raising Alessandro from his deathbed and escorting him to heaven.  It was such a beautiful and hopeful scene!  In a world where few believe that people can change so dramatically, it was wonderful to reflect on how someone who had committed such a horrible crime could have such a complete conversion and eventually go to heaven.

This story gave me so much hope and encouraged me to work hard and do all that I can to make the changes I feel are necessary to be the best mom I can be.  I hope that you too will take some time to think about any areas of your life that may need some changes and do what it takes to become the best person you can be.  Also, if you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area this weekend, go check out the play, you won't regret it!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Guest Designer Colleen Proctor's Challenge #28 Layout

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

Hello everyone and I hope all of you moms, mothers, mamas, mums... were showered with love and warmth yesterday!  I just want to say a huge thank you to SEM for inviting me to guest design this month! It is an honor.

For this main challenge I created a 12x12 layout using DCWV new paper stack "Sunday Afternoon", stamps from Heidi Swapp"Memory File", Papertrey Inc.'s "Tiny Tags" dies & stamp set, chipboard from Michaels (covered with glitter to match layout) and Colorbok acrylic pieces "Get well", which was my old piece from my craft stash. This layout represents a little, sleeping me...  A simpler time when worries were few, days were long with countless laughs & tickles and worries of paying bills and being an adult were nowhere in sight.  I'm learning to live this way now as a 39 year old mother of one. *Bump up the amount of laughs per day = check. *Cast all my cares on Jesus = check. *Realize that living for a paycheck or even great success is an empty dream full of shallow hopes = check. *Extend daily gratitude to my Lord & Savior for His love, sovereignty & will for my life = check. This is new, this is a beautiful way to live! It's 100% freedom in Christ.

Colleen Proctor, GD

Sunday, May 12, 2013

May Guest Designer- Colleen Proctor

Hi everyone it is Nicole and it is time to announce our Guest Designer for May.....
Colleen Proctor!

Hi, I'm Colleen and as my very humorous, sarcastic friends like to call me, Sooofullofcraft.

I'd like to think of myself as a creative woman. I love interior design, writing letters, party planning, travel, singing, shopping, spending time with those I love. My favorite genre of music has to be country! I am the youngest of two girls in my family but lost my big sister Shani from Lupus when I had just turned 21. It was tough on our family but her memory is strong with us. My family has longstanding roots in Santa Paula, CA and I am about 45 minutes north from there up the coast in Santa Barbara which I love and call home. I am a single mom of a teenage son, Drew who is the apple of my eye. I have never been married and look forward to the day where I walk down the aisle and I remain hopeful for that day. I love my church so much, they are a huge family, but a family nonetheless and it's a blessing my son loves it just as much as I do. My nephew, (Shani's son), calls the Ventura Campus of our church, his home church. I just love that he knows God and trusts Him!

In the way of crafting, I have always loved paper. I collected Hello Kitty from Sanrio as a little girl and now... I craft with all kinds of beautiful, fun paper! I love all themes and types. However, I am especially drawn to shabby chic, Parisian, pastel pallets and love papers in little girl and little boy themes. My favorite thing to make right now are paper bag mini albums and I really enjoy making cards & tags. My favorite holiday is Christmas and second is Easter. So, crafting those themes are pretty fun. My start in the pro-crafting arena began by watching YouTube videos and it was all over from there. My mom is my biggest supporter in my crafting hobby and has even added a craft space in her home to join in! My creativity comes from my grandmother and my mom who are both incredibly gifted in the creative department! Thank you for having me GD at SEM for this month, I'm happy to be here!

My information:
Colleen Proctor
YouTube: Sooofullofcraft
Etsy: Sooofullofcraft2012

One of the things that Colleen is so talented at creating is mini albums.  She has quite a few on her blog as well examples on how she created them both step by step pictures and videos. Here are just a few of our favorites. You dont want to miss out seeing the insides of these albums... they are amazing!  Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Colleen's Guest Designer post where she will share her take on the Main Challenge and some great inspiration.  Thanks again Colleen for joining us this month!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sharing your Miracles.... a new post!

Hello everyone it is Nicole and today I have a brand new post that we are very excited about.  On our Facebook Chit Chat group we often get to hear about the miracles happening in your life... from big life changing things to just everyday joys.  We decided that we wanted to give you our readers another platform to share these miracles with even more people through the SEM blog.  Our desire at SEM is to shout from the Mountain tops about the wonderful God we have!

Last week we asked for your miracles and we were blessed to have women open and ready to share.  This month Kim Shultz will be sharing....

June 16, 2010 was a day that my family and I will never forget.  

It started out as a normal day, with my husband and I headed to work at a local restaurant where we were both prep cooks.

We were driving on the highway when out of the corner of my eye I saw a pickup pull out from the stop sign on a side road.  I yelled, "Look out!" to my husband and that's all I remember.

3 days later I woke up from a drug-induced coma and was told what had happened.  We had been in a car crash.

Later I found out that a hospital chaplain told my son, who was 14 at the time, to plan my funeral.

I was in the hospital at total of 27 days.  During that time I had 4 surgeries: 1 to put a plate in my fractured knee, 1 to put a plate and screws in my shattered thighbone, 1 to put a plate in my broken upper jaw, and the last 1 to graft skin from my thigh onto my forehead because a piece of the skin from it was left on the windshield.

I would later find out that I was given a 40% chance of walking.  I do walk now, sometimes with a cane, and on my worst days with a walker.  I couldn't even begin to put weight on my right leg until 3 months after the accident due to the severity of the fractures.

By God's grace, I'm alive even though the accident has left me totally disabled.

I struggle daily but I try to remember to thank God for those struggles and for giving me more time with my husband, my children, and my grandchildren.

Many people have called me a "walking miracle".  They're right.

God's blessings,

If you have a miracle that you would like to share with our readers please email us at or  We will contact you to let you know when your miracle will post.  Feel free to share any miracle from everyday little blessings to big amazing miracles.  They can be from the past or current.  Thank you all so much!  God's Blessings!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Masking Tape as a Creative Medium

Hey everyone, 
it's Christy again with another mixed media technique to incorporate in all your art endeavors.

Today we are using MASKING TAPE to create our unique background.
Most of us have the tape in our homes already, if not it's readily available just about everywhere at minimal price.
I enjoy taking normal household items and using them in not so normal ways.
This is an easy technique that you can alter to suit your color choices, art choices and mood choices.
It's not a one trick pony as you'll see, whatever you feel like creating this will work for you.

By taking the tape and painting with Gesso & watercolors we are going to have the jumping off point for all sorts of fun art. I am going to show you how to incorporate the technique into a tag, but I have samples showing other ways you can use it.

Let's get started:
First- you need a roll of masking tape
Gesso or white acrylic paint
Watercolors (pan, liquid, crayon it doesn't matter)
a tag (bought or made)
Solvent ink (dye or pigment wipe off the tape)
Rub Ons, and other embellishments as you desire.
Glue stick or gel medium
Nonstick craft sheet or wax paper
Lay down several strips off tape side by side. Do this on a non stick craft sheet or wax paper so that you can pull the tape up later. 

Take the Gesso or white acrylic paint and haphazardly paint over the tape. Don't completely cover the tape, brush strokes are good as well, they add texture.

   Choose the watercolor colors you want to use. Today I am working with just blue, but you can use as many as you want, just remembering the color wheel so you don't make mud instead of a pretty base.

Using a wet brush cover the tape with watercolor paint.
The paint will react differently with the gessoed vs non gessoed areas.
Let the paint dry.

Take a premade tag or make your own in what size you wish to work on.

Put Gel Medium or a glue stick onto the tag (sometimes the tape loses a bit of its stickiness once painted).
Lift up strips of the tape and begin to layer on to  the tag. Make sure to have some strips going vertically & others horizontally. Tear the strips for extra texture and design.

Once the tag is covered trim all the edges.

I embellished the tag at first with several Rub ons.
Inked the edges with Solvent ink, then added my quote and embellishments.

This is the finished tag.
Hang it on the wall, send to a friend, tuck in a bag.

Now I said you could use this technique with whatever papercrafting medium you enjoy.
To show you how true this is I'd also like to share not just a scrapbook page but also an ATC.

On this layout I used two complimentary colors on my tape for a bit of pop. It was all done the same way though as the tag background (just more tape used) with the painting of the tape and rub ons.

And this ATC.
Same colors as the layout with a collage image, rub ons and stars
I hope that I have inspired you to go rummaging through the tape drawer to pull out YOUR roll of masking tape.
Art supplies don't just need to be found in the art aisles, they are all around us.

Please as always, if you have any questions ASK. If I know the answer I'll gladly share.
I can't wait to see what you do with this mixed media tutorial.
Have a great day.