Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heartfelt Inspiration - My boy

One of my greatest inspirations in life has been my boy. When he was four years old he was diagnosed with PDD, a form of Autism. At first we were in shock, but as time passed we discovered his amazing qualities.

At that time I was working as a civil servant and was not so happy with my job. When it was time for him to start school, I decided to leave my job and be a SAHM (stay at home mom) so I could be there for him. Little did I know the change that step would bring into my life...

It's true that God works in mysterious ways...there I was a SAHM taking care of the house and the kids, but then something happened. My scrapbooking hobby started playing a bigger role in my life and slowly I realized that this is what I wanted to do with my life, this was my calling, making people happy by creating personal and special scrapbooks for their family moments! I started my business and today I'm happy and content.

God has blessed me with a situation that at first didn't seem like an opportunity, it seemed like a burden... but with love and faith I realized it was a blessing not only for me, but for my boy who has come a long way and we are all so proud of him!



Ирина said...

How nice that you've found your place in life. Suppose further your son and your hobbies bring joy.A wonderful photo.Good luck Einat!

Как хорошо, что Вы нашли себя в жизни. Пусть и дальше Ваш сын и Ваше хобби приносят радость.Замечательное фото. Удачи Вам Einat!

Cara G said...

What a beautiful story Einat! I love how God can turn our burdens into blessings. Thanks so much for sharing your heart...and your beautiful layout.

Lisa H said...

Thank you for sharing Einat! I know how hard it is to find out that your child is going to have challenges to overcome. We were so shocked when we found out Jon has Brittle Bone disease and Sensory Processing Disorder. I'm not quite sure yet what God intends with this situation but he has sustained us through the hard times.

Tracey Gregory said...

Beautiful story! I also have a son with Autism Spectrum and multiple learning disabilities. I look back on some really challenging times and realize how much I grew as a Mom and as an advocate for kids with the same issues. Thank you for sharing this!