Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest Designer Inspirational Post

Hello, everyone! It is Svetlana and I am very happy and thankful to join all the talented ladies at Scrapping Everyday Miracles as a guest designer for this month.
This month challenge is all about God’s creation. It is such an inspiring and diverse theme. It is all around us and inside of us. It is screaming very loudly at us every day: God is great and He is wonderful!
Once I saw the theme of the challenge, I knew immediately which photograph I want to scrap. Then the words of the Psalm 19 came into my mind: “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork…”
My husband took this picture of the sun setting skies from the roof of our house a couple of years ago. We very often witness the most incredible dramatic sunsets from our part of town.

God made this world so beautiful that we can enjoy this beauty and learn through it of His greatness. I like the way Max Lucado wrote about it:
“Have you ever wondered why God gives so much? We could exist on far less. He could have left the world flat and grey; we wouldn't have known the difference. But He didn't.
He splashed orange in the sunrise and cast the sky in blue. And if you love to see geese as they gather, chances are you'll see that too. Did He have to make the squirrel's tail furry? Was He obliged to make the birds sings? And the funny way that chickens scurry or the majesty of thunder when it rings? Why give a flower fragrance? Why give food its taste? Could it be He loves to see that look upon your face?
If we give gifts to show our love, how much more would He? If we - speckled with foibles and greed - love to give gifts, how much more does God, pure and perfect God, enjoy giving gifts to us?”
I am very thankful to God for all the amazing gifts He poured into my life so abundantly! I am especially thankful to Him for all the wonderful people He blessed me with.  People are the most treasured thing for God of all of His creation. It could be nice if we would think of it more often and treat each other in such a way. Each of us is a walking miracle - so dear in God’s eyes that He didn’t spare His One and Only Son that through Him we can have a relationship with our Creator.

And because of it all my heart says: thank you, Father!


Roulien Stahnke said...

This has truly spoken to my heart, Svetlana!! Both the written word and you beautiful work! God's creation never cease to amaze me! Thank you for being a wonderful inspiration . . . spiritually and creatively!

Sherri said...

What a beautifully written blog post. You have a real gift Svetlana, thank you for sharing it with us this month.

Cara G said...

Svetlana...thanks for the beautiful words and for sharing your beautiful projects!

Svetlana Austin said...

thank you, ladies, for your kind words! ♥

Tracey Gregory said...

So wonderfully scrapped and written..amazing photo! Love that Max Lucado poem too!

Elizabeth said...

AMEN! Love your pages and how what is on your heart really shines through in both your artwork and your writing! Thank you for sharing :)