Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Guest Designer- Linda Trzos

Hi everyone!  It is Nicole and I am so excited to announce the June Guest Designer!  It is the very talented Linda Trzos.   Here is a little about Linda and some of her wonderful projects she has created!
Hello everyone, I'm Linda.  I live in south east Pennsylvania, in the heart of Amish country.  I was born in Maryland but have lived here for the past 18 years, and love it here.  My husband Joe and I have four children, Megan (21), Grace (19), Mary (10) and Paul (11).  I am currently homeschooling Paul and Mary and that keeps me busy.   God has blessed me with a beautiful home and family and I'm so thankful to Him for that.   
Prior to becoming a homeschooling mom, I was a therapist and I worked with individuals, couples and children.  I liked working with children.  For a number of years I was a behavioral therapist and mobile therapist for children, going to them in their homes and/or schools.  I've also worked with developmentally disabled children and and adults which was very rewarding.
My faith is an important part of who I am.  As a child I would go to church with any adult who would take me, and sometimes would go to churches in my neighborhood by myself.  I have always felt a need to be close to God.  I have gone to many different types of Christian churches, but in 1998 I converted to Catholicism.  I felt God led me there, and am happy with my faith.  My husband and I share this faith, it's the bedrock we've built our family on.
In 2009 I had bariatric surgery.  Because my insurance would not pay, I had to be self pay and found a wonderful surgeon in Brazil.  I know that sounds crazy, but I had a great experience there with my surgery and have been very happy with the results.  I lost 110 lbs and feel wonderful.  As a result of being int he WLS community I have discovered that many patients have problems afterwards with depression and transfer addictions.  Someday, when I finish homeschooling, I would like to start a practice doing therapy with this population.
I would like to thank SEM for allowing me to be designer of the month for June.  It is a great honor! 

You can visit Linda on her blog at



Sherri said...

Welcome Linda, I am so happy that you have joined us this month. By the sounds of it you have quite a story to tell. How wonderful that you hope to work with patients of bariatric surgery. I don't know much about it, but have heard several times about patients transferring their addiction of food to another source, and having trouble adjusting to the "new person" staring back at them in the mirror. I hope you achieve this goal one day. You would begin to fill a much needed demand. Looking forward to working with you :)

Scrapper Myra said...

Linda. Nice to meet you through this blog. Tks for sharing a part of you and tks for sharing your talent.

Lolô Artesanato said...

Congrats Linda
tks for sharing your work and talent

Jeannine said...

I know Linda personally and she's everything she said in her post and so much MORE! She's a total sweetheart and is a huge encouragement to everyone around her.

Linda, some of what you said sounds like what my mom told me when I was younger. She told me she always knew she had a God shaped void in her heart and was always looking for something to fill that void. It wasn't until she found Christ that the void was finally filled and I'm so glad she found him because she was instrumental in helping me to find him too!

Thank you for sharing yourself with us. As you know, I love your work almost as much as I love YOU! :) I'm so happy that you're our guest designer this month. :)

Lisa H said...

Hurray for Linda! =)