Thursday, June 14, 2012

Guest Designer Inspiration Post

It is Linda Trzos the Guest Designer for June.  I have a layout that I created for Challenge #18.  The theme is to create a project that celebrates groups. Here is what I created:

My layout is of a group I was a part of a few years ago.  Because I am a homeschooling, stay at home mom, I really have not been a part of many groups over the last eleven years.  But in 2007 I did become part of an online fan club for a new British pop singer, Mika.  Mika's first album came out in March of 2007.  I loved it so much, it's upbeat tone and happy poppy sound was so refreshing and appealing to me.  I got online to learn more about him and found the Mika Fan Club, which was in the very early stages then. It was so much fun to talk about Mika with these people, and it made me feel younger somehow to have this sort of infatuation and share it with a group of people.  The fans on the site were scattered all over the globe, but when Mika first toured the US a group of us met in Washington, DC for his first concert there.  We had all planned to wear blinking heart necklaces so we would know who was a member of the MFC, and someone brought the MIKA MFC sign. Prior to the concert I made a mini scrapbook for him, and had asked other members of the MFC to make pages welcoming Mika to the US.  The concert was fun and very colorful, everyone was so enthusiastic and friendly.  Mika's manager saw us with the sign and invited us to meet Mika after the concert.  He was very kind and spoke to us for about 45 minutes, signing autographs and taking pictures with us.  He absolutely loved the scrapbook and some of the pages were very creative. 
One thing belonging to this group has taught me is how sweet and kind people can be.  Mika himself is very kind, at this first performance it was raining as we waited in line outside to go into the venue.  He sent out umbrellas.  One other concert I was at was in the winter and he sent out hot chocolate and donuts to the people in line.  The fans also have the same manner.  Mika fans share food, money, tickets...there is no shoving or rude behavior at a Mika concert.  People are not drunk or unruly, but they sing every song alone with Mika and are respectful of one another and of him. Fans are all ages...mothers like me, teens, young adults and I've even met an 80 year old fan.  Mika told her that the next time she comes to one of his shows he wants to bring her up on stage.   I've been to many different kinds of concerts, as I'm a huge music fan, but a Mika concert truely is something special.  It's such a happy experience!


Scrapper Myra said...

How cool. Be part of a fzn club and getting yo know people and vslue the person in the artist. Tks for sharing.

Lolô Artesanato said...

bEautiful layout Dear

Jeannine said...

Well no wonder you're such a big Mika fan! What a kind gesture to offer umbrellas in rainy weather to his fans and hot chocolate in cold weather. That is so sweet! You just might make me a Mika fan too. ;)

Susan said...

What a neat story. You should print that out and put on the back of the page! I like your page

Sherri said...

What a fun experience. I've never heard of him, but now I'll have to go nd check him out. Thanks for sharing Linda.

Lisa H said...

Wonderful layout Linda! and how refreshing that the fans and concerts are fun and people are decent. Thanks for being our guest designer this month. =)