Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birthday Celebration- Tutorial from Roulien

As you probably know it is Nicole and I am sharing past tutorial and techniques from this year from former design team members.  Today I have one that I have used often since it was first posted here on SEM.  So here you go...

Hi everyone . . . Roulien here . . . Today I’m going to share with you a tutorial on how to make circle text. This is something I love to do to give a layout or card that something special. Here is a card I created for a little girl's birthday.

And a close-up of the circle text sentiment:

Here is what you need to create the circle text:

* Your PC with MS Word;
* Printer;
* Circle punch, siccors or an cutting machine to cut your circle.

This is what you do:

To make the "hello cupcake" circle text in Microsoft word, you'll need to select "Insert" from your top menu and then select "WordArt".
At this point I usually just select WordArt3 ~ It's the 3rd one on the top from the drop down menu and looks like a half circle. We will change it to a full circle later.
Now you'll need to write your sentiment and choose the font and the font size.

Remember to repeat the sentiment multiple times without pressing RETURN (I did 3 times). My font size was about 18 pt, but customize it as you choose. Press okay when done. For now it will look very distorted, stay with me!

Then select "WordArt Format" ~ last option from your top menu ~options and select "Change Shape", select Circle (3rd on the top row).

Now adjust the size of the circle by either dragging the bounding box or by manually entering the size, about 3.5"x3.5" for this card.

Now print out onto cardstock and cut out with a circle cutter or scissors. No need to cut out the center, just add another circle. Layer with other circles and scalloped circles. Add stitching if desired and embellish. And there you have it, a unique card for someone special!

Of course you could use circle text for a variety things, including journaling on a layout. Go ahead, give a try and if you’re not up to using a computer, you can do the same thing with rub- ons or your own handwriting!

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