Saturday, June 2, 2012

Birthday Celebration- Past Tutorial from Kline

Hi it is Nicole here to bring you another great technique from one of our former design team members Kline.  I love how easy and pretty these flowers are! Here you go....

Hi! Kline here and today I will be sharing with you a tutorial on making your own lace flowers. I love making lace flowers for 3 reasons:

  • They are so delicate and pretty.
  • I have tons of lace in my stash. LOL
  • Finally, they are soooo easy to make!

  1. Lace. The wider your lace is, the fuller your flower will be. I usually use about 1/2" lace for my flowers so they won't be too bulky. Also, gathered ones work really well :) If you don't have them, you can gather your lace using your sewing machine or using a basic running stitch.
  2. Buttons. Vintage ones are perfect for centers. But you can use other types of buttons as well.
  3. Scrap cardstock or packaging. These will be used to back your flower.
  4. 1" circle punch (optional)
  5. Scissors
  6. Fabric glue, hot glue or glue gun

Ready? Let's begin:

Cut about 12" to 18" of lace.

Punch or cut a circle from your cardstock or packaging. 

Glue on your lace around your circle working your way from the outside to the inside. If you're using hot glue or a glue gun, it's best to glue it as you go so you avoid getting burned {trust me on this one ;)} Be sure to leave some room for your flower center.

Cut up the excess lace and glue on your vintage button or any flower center. You can use cameos, pearls, beads, whatever and you're DONE! Easy right?

Here is a layout using these delicate flowers:
Walled City: Intramuros
Aside from lace, I think you can also try using ribbons or fabric. The possibilities are endless! I hope this has inspired you to create your own lace flowers. Try it! 


Scrapper Myra said...

Love this layout. :)

Lisa H said...

oh yes, these flowers are so much fun to make!