Monday, May 7, 2012

Me and Mama

The Story . . . 

Hi it is Elizabeth again. I really wanted to share with you the heart and story behind Challenge 16 and my relationship with my Mama.  I was going to add it to the challenge but it was getting so long that I decided to just write a second post.

I titled the challenge "She's Somebody's Hero" - I think very often we (or at least I) underestimate the influences I have on the people around me, especially the ones I love who are closest to me.  As a daughter, mother, friend, sister, mentor, and mother-figure I have had both positive and negative influences on those I hold dear - indeed I am somebody's hero and I often forget to live like it.  

I think growing up my Mama wanted so badly to be my best friend but like most mother daughter relationships we struggled to see things eye to eye.  My Mama is a bit of free spirit - always has been and there are so many times in my life when I felt like I was the mother, just older somehow, it is hard to explain.  I used to get so frustrated with her and her silly side.  I just wanted her to be serious for once.  It wasn't until I got married that I began to see things from her point of view.  She is the woman who taught me how to have fun, that loving God did not mean you stopped having fun but rather the opposite - true joy and fun comes from freedom in Christ.  

My Mama is the lady every child wants to be around, including my own - how could I not see that growing up?  We got much much closer when I labored through my own birthing experience and brought into the world my first born - a boy - screaming bloody murder and hasn't stopped!  It was my Mama who stayed with me through the night when he was screaming and wouldn't eat - it was my Mama who prayed with me over the phone when I thought I could not take one more minute of this.  It was my sweet Mother who just nodded when I told her that "no I was not going to have any more children" and then laughed with me one week later when I told her I was pregnant again.  But I think the past two years are the closest we have ever been because two years ago my own daughter entered my life.   

In that moment I knew just what my Mama knew - I loved this little girl, I wanted to share all my dreams and laughter with her, I wanted to protect her from anything that would bring her harm, I wanted the perfect man for her and began praying for him and I wanted to teach her above all her beauty and worth came not from what this world says about her but from within.  Her beauty comes from the True Things that God says about her, she is loved and she is free!  I am so thankful for my Mama who taught me what true beauty is and where it comes from, who cried with me and laughed with me, who taught me the meaning of a good time and who showed me her flaws and her need for a Savior.  So yes, I am proud to say that in some ways I am like my Mama and in other ways I wish I was more like her!

Two things I have gotten from my Sweet Mama is my love for music (you'll find some links throughout this post and my page for this challenge is all about music as well) and my love for God and people.  Thanks for letting me share my heart with you and tell you the story behind Challenge 16!  You'll find Challenge 16 here We are so excited to see the projects you will share with us...


Lisa H said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us Elizabeth! (and that song made me cry!)

Elizabeth said...

You are welcome Lisa :) I love this song - it makes me cry every time I listen to it too :)