Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's Heart

Mother's Day was yesterday here in the US - a day of celebrating mom, or maybe a day for mom to slip away and rest without her normal load to take care of!  :)  I hope you had a wonderful day and feel refreshed and ready to get back into your schedule.

But what if you didn't have a good Mother's Day because of whatever is apart of your life right now?  What if you are one of the ones that want to be a Mother, but you're not yet?  Or maybe your family has been pulled apart?  Or maybe someone is sick or you don't have the money to do anything and your scared?  Or maybe...  What do you do?  How do you rise above your current situation and see how much God loves you?  How do you choose today to walk in victory? 

Do you remember the hymn, Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name?  You begin to say/sing that over and over.  What if you don't believe the words you are saying?  Just say them and as you begin to speak God's truth with your mouth - as you declare - your mind/spirit/soul will begin to line up with the truths you are proclaiming!

Will this change what your circumstances are right now?  Maybe!  The power of life and death are in the tongue we are told in God's word - so maybe your words have been bringing death into your situation.  Maybe by refocusing your eyes on God, He will be able to work in your situation.  Or maybe you just have to continue to believe that God hears your prayers and will work everything out to your good - in time. 

I created this layout last year (for a challenge here at SEM) when things were difficult for us - the journaling reads:  Everyday I am reminded that God is good.  I see His miracles all around me and I am thankful.  Sometimes they are hard to see because I wanted to see something different.  But, the miracles are there.  We always have enough food.  Our little one is still alive.  Our baby has a perfect heart.  We still live in the home we built.  We have transportation.  We have electric.  We are together. We are blessed.  We are called!  Remember!

Choose today to bless the Lord and rest in His arms; He is more than able to care for you - if you let Him.  If you would like to share your heart with us here at Scrapping Everyday Miracles, come join us at our Facebook page we have a private group set up to really talk.  And don't forget to document your mother for our challenger here for a chance at our prize and a GDT spot.  Blessing on you!


Jojorenee said...

Thanks for the Mothers day love & that hymn

Sherri said...

What a tender post Wendy, I have no doubt it will speak to many a mamma's heart out there!

Lisa H said...

Thank you Wendy!

danni reid. said...

i love this layout wendy and beautiful message!

Elizabeth said...

This meets me where I am at Wendy - thank you for sharing!

Carol said...

a beautiful message....thanks for sharing it ;)