Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mamaw's Girls

Hello!! Amanda here as your guest designer for the month of May. I am beyond honored and blessed to be here with you this month.

I love that this month SEM is taking time to focus on mothers and the wonderful job that God has given to each of us, in bringing our children to Him, and teaching them about His word and then in turn being taught by them, and the wonderful light children bring to the lives of their mothers.

For my layout for this challenge, I wanted to focus on the relationship MY mother has with my two daughters. They are like three peas in a pod. Our oldest came into this world during a very difficult time for my mother, there were some hard issues going on with my younger brother, and my mother was taking it hard. Then came little miss, and she brought a light back into my mother's heart that I can't even describe.

Then two years later our second daughter was born, at the time my grandmother was very sick, and my mother was also having a really hard time dealing with seeing her mother that way. She passes away about 6 months later, and it was so hard for all of us. My grandmother was truly the glue that held alot of my family together, and there were some very trying times....but the light in this was seeing my youngest and how much she resembled my grandma, seeing little smiles or certain giggles, and then hearing my oldest, who was 2 at this time, share stories of Jesus talking to her...telling her that her "Gigi" was ok, that she was with him, no longer hurting or sad. While this was at times heartbreaking, it brought such a joy and renewal of faith into my family.

My mother later started attending church with us, committed herself to being a true child of Christ. My dad was baptized, and so many wonderful blessings that God gave us during these hard times. His love is forever faithful and everlasting. I am so thankful that my girls, as young as they were, answered His call to be witness to my family of his love and grace.

Ever since they were born my daughters have shared this amazing bond with my mother, I am so grateful to the Lord that they have that. So I wanted to focus on that for my part of the show the love and joy that radiated off of each of them every time they are together.

I would also like to share another layout of my mother and girls, this one too, just shows the joy they have for each other. Its so vivid to me in every photo I take of them together, it bring tears of joy to my eyes, and words of thanks and praise to my lips.

Thank you so much for having me as your GD for this month, I am always so blessed and encouraged by the amazing women that are a part of this team, and all of you. God is so good!


Susan said...

beautiful pages - beautiful story. Thanks for sharing

Jojorenee said...

fabulous layouts, can't wait to get scrapping today!

Lisa H said...

What a beautiful story about your girls and your mom. Thank you for sharing it with us and also sharing your beautiful layouts!

Scrapper Myra said...

TFS your story. Great layouts too. :)

Sherri said...

Amanda it is so wonderful to have you with us this month. This post has been a wonderful way to get to know you a little better. You're a lucky woman to have such an invested mother in your life. I look forward to working with you.