Monday, February 27, 2012

My mother. My bestfriend.

It's February 27th...and it's amazing that I get to do the praise post for today because today is my mom's birthday.

2 Ki 4:30
But the child's mother said, "As surely as the LORD lives and as you live, I will not leave you." So he got up and followed her. 

She wakes up early n the morning and cooks breakfast for my dad and I sometimes alongside doing the laundry too. She helps me decide on which clothes to wear on dates and parties. I talk to her about my work, about my boyfriend, my friends, my day in general. She misses out on some details but that's fine too...she listens.  She's strict and wears a sharp look in her eye when she's in an awful mood. She was a cheerleader, a prom queen...she could have been around the world if she wanted to but she stayed and took care of a spoiled little girl -- THAT'S MY MOM! I am what I am because she stood by me and supported me and I wouldn't trade her even if the Queen we're to be my mother.

 And I'll thank Him everyday that the woman who bore me was born this day.


Lolô Artesanato said...

Happy b-day for your mommy Kline

Lisa H said...

What a blessing to have a great mom. Happy birthday to her!

Jeannine said...

Your post tugs at my heart, Kline. I think my favorite line in your post was when you said, "I am what I am because she stood by me and supported me" That's how I feel about my mom, who has gone home to be with the Lord. Give your mom an extra hug for me, ok? Happy Birthday to Kline's mom!! :)

Roberta: Mother of 3 said...

Kline, my mom and I are very close, especially since I have grown up and gotten a little more life experience under my belt! She is my true hero, although she would probably never believe it! She is the Proverbs 31 mom to me! Thanks for your post!