Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Praise Post

Hi it is Nicole... sorry this post is a day late... one of the DT members had some thing come up and was not able to post... since I had shared a praise in a really long time I decided to stop by.... I really want to praise God for the opportunities he gives me to serve others.  Nothing fills my heart with more joy than to be able to give to someone else.  I love missions and love going on long and short term trips to serve... and praise God that I have had several opportunities.  Lately my prayer has been to be able to do that more here in Bodø, Norway where I live... since we dont have a church the opportunities dont seem to come as often... yet that isnt true.  Sure they may not be as many "planned" activities but God opens the door no matter what.... One of the huge blessings this week is how God opened the door to us being able to have Thanksgiving... Last year My husband and I wanted to serve a Thanksgiving meal to our family and friends.  Since most of them are not Christians it was an opportunity to share what we are thankful for and share God's love... we dont have big house but some how we squeezed 25 people into it.  This year we have our past guests as well as those that couldnt come last year and new friends we have made that are looking forward to the celebration. There is no way we can fit 50+ people in out house. So this week God provided a place for us to have it... space was available at the neighborhood meeting hall that has a brand new kitchen... and the lady agreed to let us have it for less than the normal rental fee... on top of that my husband's pay check was a little more this month making it possible to rent the space... So everyone can be invited... I still dont know how I am going to cook for 50 people but we willcross that bridge later... I have great friends that are looking forward to helping me cook which opens the door to even more fellowship.  Anyhow I am excited!  

It is too bad that I havent scrapped any layouts of last years Thanksgiving but here is a layout that I made that shows my husband and I feeding the homeless in Albuquerque NM when we lived there.   I really love the quote by Mother Teresa

Thanks for dropping by... have a really blessed week!!!!!!


Roulien said...

Oh WOW,Nic . . .how amazing!!! I know how difficult it is to have holidays in a country that don't celebrate them! Good for you to share this celebration with others and to show them God's love in action!! I pray that it will be a wonderful day filled with love and laughter and heaps of gratitude!!

glorygirl said...

Awesome layout!!! And I love that quote!

CarrieB said...

Wow!!! That story brought tears to my eyes! Good for you to be so strong and look at everything as an opportunity! That quote from Mother Theresa is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!