Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday's Praise Post!!

Hello, Jeannine here with today’s praise post.  I’ve been thinking about this all week and it’s been difficult to come up with today’s praise, not because I can’t think of anything to praise God for – quite the contrary!  It’s because there’s so many things I want to praise him for that it’s hard to limit it to just one thing!

So how did I choose?  I went with the most recent and that is that our youngest daughter, Rachel, begins a new job on Monday!!!  She’s been working at an IHA  pediatrician’s office for about 4 years now and as of Monday she will be working at the IHA Central office (the company’s headquarters)!!  This is exciting news for several reasons, but I’ll just list a couple.

First it’s exciting because she’ll be working in the same office as her sister, who is our oldest daughter, Bethany.  The girls have always been very close and they love the idea of working in the same office together.  Bethany was so excited when she heard the news she started making lunch plans for next week!  lol  It’s so cute!!  (She’s also planning a little surprise for Rachel… Rachel knows they’re having a going away party for her at the peds office but what she doesn’t know is that Bethany’s been invited to attend the party too and she bought Rachel a “congratulations on the new job” present for her new desk.  Isn’t that sweet?)

Another reason it’s exciting is because from what I’m told, working at Central is every IHA workers dream job.  It’s really nice there because it’s like a family.  Rachel’s very close with the people she’s been working with at the peds office, but knowing her sister will be working with her again just puts the icing on the cake! (Bethany and Rachel used to both work at the peds office together a few years ago.)

Lastly, it’s exciting because she’ll be getting more benefits and higher pay.  She’s a hard worker and Central will be very glad they hired her.  The lady who hired her has had her eye on Rachel ever since she first got to know her about 2 years ago because she really liked how hard Rachel worked.  She’s the kind of person who thinks going above and beyond should be the norm, not the exception.  We’re so proud of her and I thank God for her (and Bethany!) every single day.

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Laure said...

I am very happy for both your two daughters !! God bless them :-)