Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Praise Post

Through it all...  Have you ever had a bad day?  Or what about days?  Or how about when those days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and then a year?  Have you ever wondered when will I ever breakthrough?  I have and guess what, through it all He is still God!

Hi, my name is Wendy and I have been invited to join the ladies here at Scrapping Everyday Miracles; here is some of my story and why I am thrilled to be here!

My family and I have lived a good life, there were ups and downs, but still overall it was blessed.  We loved one another, we had healthy children, we had a good home.  Life was good.  March 2010 launched us into a season that didn't seem like it would ever end, we were hit left and right with hard things.  We wondered if it would ever end.  We wondered would we survive or would we lose everything?  Our finances were completely shot and my husband didn't have a job and we were trying to finish up building our house because we had to move in.  Then the really hard things began.

Our daughter got an industrial nail in her kneww while at Field Day.  After a scary experience at the ER and some follow-up visits the drs said there was no permanent damage.  The dr was amazed that there was no problems and said the nail went right in-between 2 vital parts, the Lord was gracious.  Then our son became very sick and the drs couldn't figure out what was wrong, for 6 weeks we struggled and then he was diagnosed with Lyme's disease.  Again, the Lord was gracious and after some antibiotics he has had no problems since.  Then a day came that I will never forget, September 17th, our 16 month old boy was rushed to the Pediatric ICU with a new diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.  And even though our son now takes shots after every meal, he is alive and you would never know that he went through this harrowing time because of the Lord's grace.  Someday I will also document a miracle of his complete healing!  January came and our child that I was carrying developed an irregular heartbeat.  Instantly, I was in the hospital wondering what had happened.  After many tests the drs found that his heart was okay but he had an arithma.  When I returned to my dr the next week for a checkup she listened to the heartbeat, it was completely restored!  She had never heard of such an irregular heartbeat coming back into rhythm - my only answer was we prayed.

Through all of these things we had the constant threat of foreclosure hanging over our heads, and yet God was still God.  I was told once by a very dear friend, that every cake has a timer set and it will go off - that cake will be done.  But when would we ever be done?

And just as suddenly as everything began, there was quiet because guess what, the timer went off and our cake was done!  There wasn't a specific moment that I can pinpoint that our troubles ended, but they did!  Our bills (yes they do still exist) are all caught up and we've been able to begin paying things off.  Work has been pouring in for my husband's construction business.  All the kids are healthy and whole.  Through it all, the Lord has kept us in the palm of His hand and delivered us.  That is why I can praise the Lord because He is good, all the time, His mercies are new everyday! 
Through it all... You are still God!  Praise the Lord!


Sherri said...

First off welcome here Wendy, always nice meeting new people. Second, wow! Your experiences sure put our little insignificant trials into perspective. What a rich faith you have. I have no doubt you have been used as God's instrument in the lives of others with your steady reliance on His strength, faith, and the promise of his best for your life. Praise God that you are able to stand on the mountain top and proclaim that God is good, all the time God is good.

Laure said...

Thank you for sharing Wendy... I hope I'll never forget what you shared... !
God is wonderful, I think we cannot realize how powerful and good He is !

Jeannine said...

Wendy, what a tremendous blessing you are to this team. I'm so glad to have you with us!

Your post brought tears to my eyes. While you did have to experience these trying times, it's so encouraging to hear how your faith sustained you. I wish everyone would realize how good God really is and how He gets us through times like you've described.

I'm so thankful that things have finally turned around for you. I agree with you... God is good all the time!

Leigh said...

Thanks for sharing, Wendy!
Your layout is wonderful!

Anonymous said...


CarrieB said...

Well, as I am late as always, there isn't much more that I can say! Everyone said it already! The wow part, the tears part, the my problems are insignificant compared to yours part and the most important thing - GOD IS GOOD!!! That bears repeating for sure! TFS!!!! Great layout! Think I will scraplift it someday!!!