Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Faux stitching

Hey its Elizabeth here and today I wanted to show you a sewing technique that doesn't require a sewing machine!! That's right, we all love our sewing machines but this little baby here will help you sew without even doing it! It's called faux stitching and its all the rage!

All you need is this lil' beauty!

Everyone meet the pounce wheel.
This lil' baby shows up on several of my projects!
And it just looks as if I have sewn on them, but really I've used this tool!
The only thing you need is this tool and something hard to use as a base so that you don't make dents in your furniture!

I just use this sturdy piece of cardboard that I've had for years. It's thick enough so that I don't get any marks anywhere!

Here are some examples of projects I've created using the tool.

This tool is easy to use!
Just be sure to press down rather hard when using so that it gets the full effect of "sewing"!

You can buy these tool almost anywhere  these days. Here are some places that sell them online. I bought mine at our local Michael's years ago!

If you get this tool, you'll love it!

Link up your layouts using faux stitching by Aug. 24th for another chance to win the prize package from our sponsor The Eyelet Outlet....


theelfqueen said...

NEAT! I hate to sew but love the look of faux sewing options! I've been using a stamp lately.

Nicole Brenna said...

Great idea and I have one of those but didnt know what to do with it...

Lisa H said...

gosh golly, I think I have one of those somewhere! I'll have to go find it. Great techique!