Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Capturing Everyday Miracles Photo Challenge

Hello everyone, Lisa here! I was thinking yesterday about blessings that we take for granted. We support a ministry called The Bible League and we get updates in the mail from them. One of the main parts of their ministry is providing Bibles to believers in countries around the world where it is very difficult to obtain one for themselves. They've shared stories about whole villages that must share a single Bible amongst themselves. Here I am in the U.S. with a whole shelf full of Bibles – different translations, group study Bibles, one-year reading plan Bibles… I am so blessed to be in a country and have the resources to easily obtain God's word to study and read for myself. I do tend to take it for granted. I am thankful there are organizations like The Bible League who are hard at work getting the Word out to those that don't have it and I'm happy I can help them. In the meantime, I'm also thankful for reminders to not take God's blessings for granted. Are there things in your life that you have been taking for granted? Look around and ask God for reminders of those blessings and then you can give Him thanks for them (and take some pictures to share here ; ) !)  Link up your photos below. We'd love to see what you are thankful for!


Lisa H said...

well, I know the linky is messed up and I can't fix it. I'm waiting for Nicole to wake up on her side of the world so she can help me. =)

Jeannine said...

I'll send you an email to tell you how you can fix it, Lisa. ;)

Lisa H said...

Hurray! that worked, thanks Jeannine. =) okay ladies, let's see your photos!