Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Capturing Everyday Miracles Photo Challenge

It’s Jeannine here again and it's time for Capturing Everyday Miracles!  I really enjoy Wednesdays because I like seeing photos that others have shared that tell of their everyday miracles.  Let’s look back on last week’s submissions.

Annika created a page using her favorite photo of the summer, which was one of those moments when she wished she could stop time.  Those moments are so precious, aren’t they?  Here is the adorable page she made using the photo.

Leila shared a photo she took while at Whale Beach.  Going by the big smiles on their faces, I think it's safe to say they had a great time!

The story I want to share with you today is quite extraordinary and pretty hard to consider this an everyday miracle because this kind of thing does not happen every day! 

My niece and her family had gone on a mini vacation and had taken their dog, Oliver, with them.  One night she did like she did every other night and let Oliver outside one last time before going to bed.  To her horror, it was very apparent that he had accidentally eaten some poisoning that someone had left out and to save you all the nasty details, suffice it to say he was not doing well. From what she learned about the poison from the animal hospital they took him to, it’s something that’s designed to kill an animal “in ten steps”, meaning by the time the animal takes ten steps, it should be dead.  Oliver not only made it further than 10 steps, he made it through the NIGHT!!  My niece’s husband’s grandparents got Oliver to the nearest animal hospital, which was 30-45 minutes away from where they were staying and the doctor there did all he could to help Oliver.  To all of our amazement, Oliver not only made it through the night, but he survived with no real long-term disabilities!! My niece never expected to see Oliver again, so she told her children that Oliver had died and then spent the next few days comforting her children.  Little did she know, the vet would be calling her and telling her, “Guess what?  Oliver is alive!”  Can you imagine???  The vet said he’s never seen anything like it before.  Oliver is definitely a walking miracle!

When I heard of the incident (which was before we knew Oliver was actually still alive), my heart went out to my niece, her husband and children. All I kept thinking of was how horrible it would be to see your beloved pet suffering so much and feeling so helpless.  I immediately started to pray for my niece and especially her children during this very painful time.  I’m sorry to say that it never occurred to me to pray for Oliver’s recovery because I didn’t think he’d stand a chance.  (O ye of little faith!) When I learned that he not only made it through the night, but he made it several days and was going to be coming home with them, I was in shock!  Even if I didn’t pray specifically for Oliver to pull through it, my niece’s daughter did and he hears the prayers of his children regardless of their age.  It taught me a couple of very important lessons.  First of all, never underestimate the power of a child’s prayer!  Also, never allow yourself to believe that the situation is too far gone for God to save the life of a beloved pet, just because it's an animal and not a human.  I will never forget Oliver's experience as long as I live.  What an incredible story!

So without further ado, here is a picture of Oliver the day they brought him home after the incident.  He looks the same as he did before it happened!  By the way, I was at a family party at my niece's house just this past weekend and saw Oliver.  He's doing great!!  They've taken him in to the vet a few times since this happened and they said he's doing just fine.  Unbelievable, yet....believable because God answers the prayers of his children!

Here's the sign my niece's two daughters made for Oliver's homecoming that they had displayed on their garage door when he came home.  Isn't this precious??

I hope you will share your everyday miracle with us this week!


Amy said... amazing is that?! I just love hearing stories like this. Thank you SO much for sharing!!!

Lolô Artesanato said...

This is fantastic! I love animals and we have a many pets in home, 2 cats, 1 dog and 1 turtle
The children love all!
Tks God for Oliver is well

Sherri said...

What an incredible story. And what a treasure for those kiddos to draw on whenever they think a situation is more than they can handle. God, is indeed listening to the prayers of His children.

Lisa H said...

WOW! I can't believe Oliver pulled through! Praise the Lord indeed.