Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here on Earth

Hi! Kline here once again and today I have some photos to share.

First up is this photo from Jana:

Here's what Jana has to say about her dogs: "...right now, my everyday miracle is that two dogs provide me unconditional love and continue to ignore my moodiness." I remember we used to have a dog when I was younger and she always cuddled up to me on the couch. I miss her...

So on to my everyday miracle...I live in a tropical country in Asia. We only have dry and wet weather round here all year and I've always envied other people who lived in countries where the leaves would turn from reds to browns and where their Decembers are a "White Christmas". Recently, tourism has been big in the country and foreigners say its all 'coz of the warm weather.  So when you hear something like that from non-locals you start to think outside the box and see it through another person's eyes. And let's just say I liked what I saw:


A Different World

God is this generous, He gives us a glimpse of heaven itself here on Earth :D These are photos from my vacations last year. I look at these a year after and they still take my breath away. No wonder tourism is booming! I've been too focused on the things I didn't have that I lost sight of the beauty God has laid down for me. Yes, we only have 2 seasons and all my wishing will never make my "White Christmas" come true but I have these -- peaceful sunsets, amazing beaches, crystal clear waters and a family to enjoy it with. I just feel so blessed!

Now it's your turn to look around you and see things in a new light. Don't forget to link up your photo or project by the 21st 11:59PM Pacific time. Leave us a comment too after linking up.  Have a great Wednesday!


Leigh said...

What beautiful photos, Kline!

Lolô Artesanato said...

I click this photo in one peace moment in the beach
I love it!
I hope you like too