Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Capturing Everyday Miracles Photo Challenge

Hello, this is Lisa and I'm kicking off our first photo challenge! This challenge is for you dear readers, to look around and take photos of those everyday miracles you find in your life. For me personally, I have been in a gardening mood and it always amazes me that you can take this small little thing called a seed, put it into the ground, and it becomes something wonderful - a living, growing plant that can bless you with good things to eat. It's one of those miracles we often overlook and don't really think about. The design of a simple seed is truly amazing and really not so simple after all. Following are my photos I took to document this and I already have layout ideas bouncing around in my head. Perhaps it will show up in another post soon. ; )

Now it's your turn! Submit your own photos by linking them up here by 11:59 Pacific Time on Tues, 6/14. We would love to see what you find to photograph.

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