Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Sponsors

Today I am so excited to share with you June Sponsors... if it wasnt for them we would not be able to have such wonder prizes!!!!  Please check out there stores and all the fun products they offer...

First we have our Blog Hop Sponsor 

Here is a little bit about them from shop owner Corrie....

Sweet Peach Crop Shop is a unique monthly scrapbook kit club. We will provide you with the latest and greatest scrapbook supplies! Our goal is to provide you with not only the most incredible scrapbook products but also personalized customer service and consistent, reliable deliveries.
Each month, Sweet Peach Crop Shop will deliver a box full of enough wonderfully coordinated patterned papers, cardstock and fun embellishments to make several scrapbook layouts, cards, or other projects, right to your door!
Our sweet featured scrapbook kit and its coordinated extra embellishment kit will always be a perfect mixture of current trends and classic styles. Each item is hand picked to ensure a superb sampling of scrapbook products.
Our juicy themed scrapbook kit will be a surprise to your senses with its unique flavors and textures. Whether you are looking to showcase a baby or an athlete or even a special life event, Sweet Peach Crop Shop’s themed kit will help you get there! Both our sweet featured kit and our juicy themed kit are designed to keep your creativity flowing! 
Visit us often to see our one-of-a-kind kits and ideas. Join Sweet Peach Crop Shop scrapbook kit club today and let us help you preserve your memories!

Would you like to see some of her kits... Here are June's Sweet Kit and Juicy Kit....

Our Sponsor for June's First Challenge is..
Crafty Paper Girl has the most adorable felties.... everything from birds and owls, to bumblebees and icecream.  Everything is handcrafted with love and comes in a really nice giftbag.  These are definately a must for any crafter... they give your projects that extra pop!  They arent just for scrapbooking either... felties can be sewn to clothing, hats and bags! Want a sneak peak at some of the fun felties in the store....

Our Sponsor for Challenge #2 is

At first glance you might think that the store offers hair accessories but that is not entirely true... they have  notecards/tags, flowers, felties and the most adorable ribbon animals... since everything is handmade you have a choice between having it made with a hair clip or without so it can be used on your many craft projects.... The design team will be showing samples of the cute ribbon sculptures on our layouts for Challenge #2 but here is just a sneak of some of the cute animals currently in the store.....

Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Guest Designer for June

I wanted to introduce our Guest Designer for June... Our guest designers will be typically chosen from those who complete the challenges but since we havent had any challenges... I got to pick two awesome ladies for June and July.  So with out further ado... let me introduce Amanda Profumo...

Where are you from?
born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, USA- home of the KY Derby!
Can you share just one of God's everyday miracles in your life?all three of my children! they never cease to amaze me!When did you start scrapbooking and what brought you into it?
i started scrapbooking in college, but it all began when my mom got me some stamps, embossing powder and a heat tool for my 16th birthday. most 16 year olds wanted a car... i wanted crafts! i started making cards and it evolved into scrapbooking, now i do both!
What is your favorite thing about this craft?
i love preserving memories. with 3 kiddos, 3 pets and a busy, active lifestyle, i tend to forget the everyday things- and really, that's what's important. i want my kids to remember the daily things in their life. losing a first tooth, their first soccer game, winner a race, school programs, proud LEGO projects and works of art- that's the good stuff!What 3 items do you reach for most often?
ooo... this is a tough one... i would say: letter stickers, chipboard and kraft paper.What is your favorite paper manufacturer?
at the moment, the girls paperie and october afternoonWhat is your favorite bible verse?
"For nothing is impossible with God" -Luke 1:37Is there someone in your family you think is following you creatively?
definitely my 6 year old daughter, Anna. she is super creative and loves to make stuff!Besides scrapbooking, what do you enjoy doing?
i really enjoy stitching my own felt embellishments, making cards and recently, i have taken up running! i'm also attempting my first perenial garden and a strawberry patch!What are some goals you have for yourself?
at the beginning of the year, i made two goals, or resolutions, for myself. one of them was to start running. so, in january, i began running a little at a time. i just completed my half marathon in april and plan to finish a full marathon in october.
the second goal was to get published- second year in a row! i decided to send in at least two projects a month to submission calls. persistence paid off... my first published project will be in the September issue of CARDS magazine! 
What are 3 things you would like to do someday?
1.) open a super cute craft shop with my mom, complete with paper, ribbon, fabric and embellishments! to suite every crafter!
2.) vacation at Yellowstone National Park with my family
3.) run a marathon (Chicago, October 9, 2011)What is one silly fact about you?
i can't leave the house until all the beds are made.Who are some people who inspire you?
my children are daily inspiration for me, but i love to gain inspiration from all the artist on Etsy. for scrappin' inspiration, i usually go to Pencilines or Ispired Blueprints!Do you have a blog?

yes and i would love for you to visit!

Finally here are a few of her favorite layouts!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Introducing the Design Team

Hi Everyone...
So over the next three days we have three fun announcements leading up to our blog hop... today I wanted to tell you a little bit about what you can expect here at Scrapping Everyday Miracles and to introduce our design team....

Here is how each month will look
The 1st and 3rd Mondays is when Challenges will be posted each with a sponsored prize... you have until the end of the month to complete your layouts
The 2nd Monday of each month we will a Tutorial or Technique for you
The 4th Monday of each month we will share some Scrapping Inspiration with you
Every Wednesday we will have a post called Capturing Everyday Miracles.... we will share pictures that we took during the week of some of our everyday miracles and we will give you a chance to link up your own pictures
Every Friday we will have Praise Posts about what God is doing in our lives... you will be able to comment and share your own praises
Finally in the beginning of the month we will also have posts sharing our winners, guest designer for the month and sponsors for the month....
How does that all sound.... you can also expect random giveaways, and blog hops over the next few months....

Now let me introduce to you our lovely design team....
I'm Elizabeth! Been scrapping for over 10 years now learning every step of the way to express myself through this wonderful hobby! I am a water-walkin' Jesus love girl. Been walking with the Lord for 10 years and can't imagine going back! Blessed to be married to a really great guy Dayv. Got one beautiful daughter Alyssa. 3 puppies. I work at Starbucks as foreman. Living in WA. Lover of gardening, reading, hanging with my family, and laughing a lot! It's an honor and a blessing to be on Scrapping Everyday Miracles and I am excited to share in this journey with you!
Check out Elizabeth's blog:  
Here is one of Elizabeth's beautiful layouts

My name is Lisa Hoel and I'm blessed to be married to the greatest guy in the world and have two dynamic little boys. I've never met a craft I didn't like and scrapping is no exception. I'm inspired by my family, life and God's creation all around us. I hope I can have a small part in inspiring you!
Visit Lisa on her blog:
Here is a great layout by Lisa

I'm a mother of two adult children, Bethany (25) and Rachel (23) and have been married to my best friend, Dave, for nearly 30 years.  I was introduced to scrapbooking by my sister, but didn't really get serious about it till recent years... maybe three years ago.  Other than scrapping, I love spending time with my family.  My family is made up of a bunch of goofs so anytime we get together is sure to be a blast.  One more thing you'll learn about me really quick is that I'm a bunny lover all the way.  If I had my way, my yard would be filled with them!  
Here is Jeannine's blog:
Here is a fabulous layout about her bunny

My name is Leigh Penner and I am excited to be a part of this DT.
I have been married to my husband, Cameron for 15 years and together we have three beautiful children: Austin (12), Jonah (8.5) & Sage (6.5). We live in Morden, a town in southern Manitoba, Canada and after years of being a stay at home mom, I went back to work a year and half ago, as a substitute teacher at the high school in our division. I really enjoy my job, as it's the same hours as my kids and then we have time together after school, on weekends and holidays. I'm really looking forward to summer, however, when we'll have 2 months off together! That's the best!
I grew up in a home where we believed in God, but He always seemed very far away from me. In high school, I became best friends with a girl named Lindsay who was a Christian. I remember wanting what she had. So after attending her youth and a few events and lots of conversations about her faith, I told Jesus that I wanted to follow Him. That was 22.5 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made!
My faith hasn't seen a lot of ups and downs. It's been more of a steady growth kind of thing. I love God and it's so exciting to me to be a part of a team where I can be challenged to created layouts that document my faith for my family and friends. And for my kids. This is so important to me that they get how important myrelationship with God is to me.
I started scrapbooking 8 years ago at a Creative Memories party that I hosted and although I never got into the "CM style", I was hooked from day one! I love scrapbooking and making cards-- my scrapbooking area is truly my happy place! My style has changed a little over the years, but has always been fairly clean and simple, I think. I love taking pictures and creating layouts about them so that I'll be able to always remember the events & moments that make up our lives.
In addition to scrapping, I enjoy reading, a little bit of gardening and being the large group coordinator for our Children's Ministries program at my church. On my days off, I love getting together with my friends for coffee and visiting. I am also testing for my black belt in tae kwon do on May 14th, so I'm super excited about that! 

Here is Leigh blog:
One of Leigh's great layouts

I'm Jaclyn Kline Torres from the Philippines. I'm not your typical religious Catholic who attends mass regularly and partakes in vigils and processions. I like talking to God in my own personal time...usually in my room. It might be that I may not have found the Church that works for me but I am okay with communication to Him this way. God has always been generous to me -- great family, wonderful boyfriend, awesome friends, fruitful career, providence...the list goes on and on really...I can never thank Him enough. So when I heard about a DT call for Scrapping Everyday Miracles, I thought "This is it! I can thank Him gradually like this!" and immediately heeded this blog's call. I don't regret every single bit :) I wish to go on a journey to discover the little and big things God graces me everyday and inspire YOU to go on your own journey as well. What's more is that this will not only be spiritually enriching but enjoyable too because our hobby is involved. I for one am really excited. I hope you all are as well :)
Check out Kline's blog: 
Here is a layout that shows Kline's wonderful scrapping talent:

I'm a 39 year old SAHM (not by choice, but I know it's a blessing!!) of 2 teenagers. Monique is 18 and Ruan is having his 16th birthday next month. I'm married to Herman for almost 21 years (December this year!!) and he still has the ability to make my knees go weak! We recently moved from Seoul, South Korea to Saudi Arabia(this is our second time in Saudi Arabia) and while I am so thankful for these wonderful opportunities that has come our way, and for the adventures we are having, and the places we have seen, I'm not happy at being back in Saudi Arabia! I'm having a hard time adapting to live here. But I know God has a plan with all of this! He has brought us this far and He knows where our paths will lead. I believe this with all my heart . . . If I didn't I would have been back in South Africa (our home country) a long, long time ago!
I grew up in a home where we went to church and was told of God, but I know now that there is a big difference to be told of God and to see God in someone. Faith had no real meaning to me growing up. A few years after my children were born, I wanted to go back to work. Several months passed without anything happening. I felt desperate and started praying for a job. In those prayers I asked for "any job". Ha . . . I soon realized to be careful for what you ask God for! God gave me a job within a couple of weeks. I started working for an organization that held Christian camps for woman! I had a hard time with this job of mine! Everything I believed was being challenged! I felt like I was being brainwashed for a while. But then slowly I was beginning to see how God shines through a person who really loves Him. I can honestly say that my love for our Saviour grew from that moment on! When my dad died in 2000 I know God carried me through it all! Without my relationship with Him I would have crumbled during that sad time in my life! I believe God brought me to Scrapping Everyday Miracles' DT because I need some direction in my life right now! I have no one here, except for my family, to share my beliefs with, to pray with me, to have bible study with! And this has been going on for 4 years. It feels like my faith is slipping away and not growing. This challenge blog, for me, will be to re-connect with God! And THAT is a blessing!!! I'm truly thankful to be here and I can't wait to get to you all of you! 
Roulien's blog is: 
Here is a layout about Roulien's daughter (here daughter looks so much like her I have a hard time figuring out if her pictures are of her or her daughter...)

Finally you guys have little ol' me... so who am I. My name is Nicole Brenna and many of you know me as Nic.   I am a SAHM for my wonderful daughter Karianne who just turned three.  My husband I moved from California to Norway 2.5 years ago so that he could fly the air ambulance.  We are based in Northern Norway above the Arctic Circle.  Life is very different for me from the life I was use to in the States.... I am not around the Christian friends, family and church life that I am use to and I really miss it.  Even through the bad weather and tough times God is continually revealing Himself to me and showing me all His blessings around me.  Scrapping is a big part of my life and I love it.  I really felt that God was leading me to start a place where we could share these everyday miracles and blessings through our hobby.  I am really excited and ant wait to meet all of you and see your miracles!
My blog can be found at: 
Here is one of my favorite layouts

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog Hop

Well Hello Hello Hello Everyone

Can you believe it we are almost there... in just a few days we will have a winner from  our giveaway..... reveal our Design Team members as well as our guest designer for June.... and we will be hopping.... Huh?  Hopping?

That is what I am here to share with you we will be having a
 Kickoff Blog Hop
 starting June 1st at 6pm PDT....

Here is the 411 on the Hop!!!
We are inviting you to join us for our very first blog hop in celebration of us 
kicking off our new challenge blog. 
 The hop will run from
 June 1st at 6pm PDT until June 5th at 11:59pm PDT

Meet our Design Team and see some fabulous layouts... and what would be a hop without prizes... the Design Team will be offering RAKs on their blogs but we also have a 
Grand Prize 
Sponsored by 

We cant wait to see you on June 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011


So why wait to June to join in on the fun... in order to get our name out there and have a little fun... we decided to do a giveaway... hooray!

So what can you win WELL... how about this...

Creative Imagination IOD Line Beloved
2 pieces of each double sided paper in the collection
1- Beloved Die Cut
1- Beloved Title 12x12 Sticker Sheet
1-Beloved frames 12x12 Sticker Sheet
2- My Minds Eye Love Transparencies
1- My Minds Eye Frame
1- Package Hedi Grace Brads
1- Adorn It Clear Stickers
1- Inkadinkado Love Stamps
1- Grant lowercase letter Stamps
7- Vintage Wine Labels
3- Vellum Mini Envelopes

What do you have to do to win...
1. Follow the Scrapping Everyday Miracles Challenge Blog
    AND Please write an actual post on your wall about the new blog and the giveaway of course!
    AND Post the badge on your sidebar

Extra entries
2. Facebook Post
3. Twitter
4. Like our FB Fan Page

Please leave your name in Linkz below for each entry... it will only let you enter your URL for the first entry so for entries 2,3,or 4 just leave the URL blank....

Giveaway will end May 31st... and is open to anyone anywhere in the world!!!!

We cant wait to see all of you back here on June 1st...