Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Cara here to bring you some scrappy inspiration. I continually find my greatest source of scrapbooking inspiration from Pinterest. I LOVE it! So when I was searching for something new, I went to Pinterest and found some cool ways of using photos on your pages. 

I love how these two pages draw your eye in to the photos because of the way the photos have been cut and cropped. So COOL!! I know it wouldn't work on every photo, but I can't wait to try with a special photo on one of my layouts!!



as an extra bonus in the "WOW, that's such a great idea" department...I'm bringing you this idea (again from Pinterest)...

Create little banner/arrows using your heart punch! SO easy!!

from flowerbug's inkspot

Hope you enjoyed the ideas I found for you...Happy Scrapping!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Everyday Miracle

Hi everyone, Debbie here with the My Everyday Miracle.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I were driving down a fairly busy street when the car in front of me slammed on there breaks, rear ending the car in front of them.  I was able to slam on my breaks in time, swerving to the left to avoid hitting the car in front of me.
But, the car behind me could not stop in time and slammed right into us, jerking us pretty good.
It pretty much totaled our vehicle out, it did quite a bit a damage.
But Praise the Lord that He kept us safe and basically unharmed.  My daughter's head hit the side window, but she was ok from it.

I'm just so thankful that the Lord is always with us watching over us and protecting us from sudden harm.
Thank you Jesus!