Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tips and Technique: Mixed Media Tag

Hi Helen here today. I would like to share with you a mixed media tag. I have been making tags for my 2016 Tag Ring and this one of them :)

This is a photo tutorial with steps. I hope you can be inspired! Let's get started.

First cut the tag. I used Canson Watercolor Paper 140 lbs. If you have heavy weight cardstock that is minumum 100 lbs, that would work too. I prep the tag with clear gesso. Then I added the modeling paste with stencil. I made my own modeling paste that you can find the recipe here. While it was drying, I worked on the alphas.

I cut out the alphabets that I wanna use on the tag. If you do not have die-cutting machine to cut out your alphabets, you can use chipboards. On the mixing palate plate, I mixed Gold Metalic and Glitter Acrylic Paints.

Then I dipped the alpha one by one try to cover it half of it. Do not need to look perfect. Imperfect is the best. Then set them aside to dry. Acrylic paint dries quick.

When the tag was dry completely, I added the left over paint on the tag with foam brush. Look at that shine from the metallic and glitter paint. To know if the embossed background is dry well, try touch the embossed stenciled, if it is still puffy, try to dry it with Craft Heater for speedy drying.

Next step is to add more texture on the tag with stamps. Using StazOn ink, I stamped the script background randomly. Any Archival Inks will work too. Just to make sure your Archival ink will work well with water.

This is when the first step prepping the tag with gesso will worth it. Gelatos will work well on prep surface. I added some of the Gelatos on the tag and just using my fingers to mix them until I like the look.

I added more texture on the tag with background stamp and StazOn ink pad.

Then I added some splatter with watercolor paint. This is why I mentioned before to make sure your Archival Ink will work well with water.

Work on the tag while waiting for the tag to dry. Stamp the word you choose on the tag. I used Alphabet stamps for my word. I used Distress Ink for distress and vintage look. After I stamped them, I spray some water, but not too much.

Then using Mod Podge, I added the painted alphabets on the tag and seal it on top of it.

Then I added the tag at the bottom of it with the tag with Mod Podge and mini stapler at the other end.

Then I added some die-cut feathers that I have painted. Added them on the tag with some mini staplers.

The tag is done. I hope you all can be inspired to create a project with this technique. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will my best to answer them :)

Thank you for visiting us today and have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Everyday Miracle with Cara

Our House-God's House
Just about six years ago, my family (me, my husband and my then 4 year old daughter) felt called to help start a church plant in a nearby town which meant moving, and renting our current home (because the home values were low at the time...definitely not a seller's market). It was a little stressful wondering if we would find good renters (we had never been landlords before) for our sweet, well-maintained home (that we had just invested a bunch of money in new flooring in (new carpets and hardwood floors)). But we trusted that God would provide because we were stepping out in obedience to Him by moving where He was calling us. And He provided big-time!! The nicest Christian family (a friend of a friend) who kept up the house beautifully. BUT then, after only a year of being there, the husband got a new job and they had to move out-of-state.

Once again, I stressed a bit about how God would do this again. We put out "feelers" with our friends, but nothing came of it, and we resorted to an ad on Craigslist. I don't know why I ever doubted that He could do it a second time, because He did (even on Craigslist...another nice Christian family who took good care of the house).  BUT then, about a month ago, after living there for nearly 5 years, last month this family informed us that they were going to buy the house next door and would be moving out in a month. 

"UGH...not again, there's just no way He can do this again!" So once again, I stressed about it quite a bit, thinking it just wasn't possible that we could get a third great Christian family to rent our home (why, oh why do I always doubt that God can do great things for ME?). I see him do great things for others, but often doubt that He would want to do them for me. 

Once again, He proved me wrong. The renter called us and said that she had just met a nice young family at their church (daughter of her good friend) who had been over to the house and loved it and were very interested in renting it. We met with this sweet, young family and it went so well! Especially when I mentioned what a "clean freak" I was and that I really, really wanted to find a family who would take great care of our home, and this sweet young woman says "I am a little "OCD" myself and can't go to bed if things aren't picked up and clean (this is so ME!)---if it would make you feel better you can come over anytime you want and check on your home". That's when I realized ... this isn't my home, this is God's home that He's gifted to us, and He wants it to remain a Christian home (and He even cares to the point of giving me another "neat-freak" to take care of it ;) ). I just had such a peace, and as we talked to this sweet couple who were so down-to-earth and soft-spoken, I just knew that God had yet again found a new family for His home.